Long words, exciting words, difficult words

ITBGLast Sunday I spoke on transcendence and immanence – huge ideas derived out of Genesis which underpin our faith. Sometimes long words can be exciting words. If you would like to read the notes from my message last Sunday they are here. Next week Ben is speaking about Abraham’s sacrifice and the challenge that presents to us today.

Last Thursday Alison and I had the privilege of seeing one of our own young people, Gemima, in theatrical form on the stage of the Grand Theatre – she was great in the chorus of Otello. A sensational opera which reminds us that there is an evil enemy at work trying to do really nasty stuff through people (Iago) and to people (Othello, Desdemona and everyone else) and as Christians we are to defeat him at every turn by worshipping Jesus, obeying his call to live a life of love and to live kingdom lives in which the enemy can get no foothold.

I have had a mix of reactions from Leeds Vineyard folk to the letter I wrote to the MPs about same-sex marriage. I am delighted when anyone takes the time to send me their thoughts in a not-too-long (!) email or letter. I recognise that amongst our community of faith we will have a range of opinions on almost everything –the way we worship, baptism, same-sex marriage, pacifism, politics, how we spend our money, alcohol, Leeds United and who should win on Strictly.

So as well as long words and exciting words we will also grapple with difficult words and aim to give you the resources to come to your own mind on important issues - led by the Holy Spirit. In doing so we will also, inevitably, teach what we believe is right and helpful. Even when you don’t agree I would encourage you to think carefully, join the conversation and do life together well. Help us to grow a community of faith that is known for being welcoming and inclusive, one that obeys Jesus’ command to “love one another.”

David Flowers, 28/01/2013