Exhausted but excited by interesting stuff

A bunch of us spent an exhausting but exciting and challenging few days at the National Leaders’ Conference last week. You can download podcasts of almost everything (but don't go there just yet as there seems to have been some bad stuff happening with viruses when I checked it this evening). Lots of highlights – a reminder of who we are and where we are going with John & Ele; Leadership and Vision from Rich Nathan’s teaching; why we need church from Jason Clark; an entertaining summary of leadership skills from Mike Pilavachi; a challenge to expecting God’s presence wherever we go with Alan Scott. And then loads of seminars and interviews on all sorts of useful subjects from a wide range of people. A really good resource.

welby2392823bThe Vineyard were honoured to welcome Rev Justin & Caroline Welby (now our Archbishop) to Trent on 29 January where he and his wife were interviewed by John Mumford. A wonderful interview and a huge endorsement for the Vineyard. We may be small and young but we have a significant part to play in God’s plan for the UK. Make it a priority to watch or listen to this if you possibly can. As of today the techies at Trent are tidying up the recording – we will let you know as soon as it is available. The audio is here.

Last Sunday Ben took us up one mountain whilst the some of the children drew and painted their way up another mountain. Ben’s talk was about God’s covenant promise and the sacrifices we may be called to make as we follow Him. Next Sunday Sarah Byde will be teaching about families as she explores Genesis and tells us some of her story.

A couple of dates for you to know about and perhaps prepare for: On Valentines Day there will be the opportunity to join the team in an Act of Kindness in Headingley - outside Costa Coffee. More information on the website soon. And then on Tuesday 26 February the nextAlpha Course starts.

A couple of weeks ago I talked about our provenance, where we come from, and we touched on the issue of horsemeat in beef burgers. Well, I thought you might be entertained to know of a true story: security officers at the Tesco in Bierspool, Pembrokeshire were called in to deal with a pantomine horse which was wandering around the frozen meat section. The horse was crying out, Mum, Dad, where are you? Where have they taken you?

Ho ho. That made me chuckle. Two people with mission to embarrass Tesco and obviously nothing much else to do.

I was interested to read Greg Mulholland’s views on the same-sex marriage debate. He is the MP for Leeds North (Liberal) and he abstained last Tuesday. He explains it at length in this article and makes some interesting observations.

David Flowers, 06/02/2013