Credit cards, snakes and apples

Children and Credit Cards

Last Sunday our children’s team issued credit cards to the boys and girls. Fortunately they don’t do their magic in an ATM or Chip & Pin machine – but they do help the children understand that Jesus’ love and grace can be called on without limit. Ask them to show you their card.
Speaking of credit cards, I was punching the air today to read Gwen Procter’s sweet tweet about another family being set free from debt through the work of our Debt Advice Centre and CAP. Go Gwen go.

Mothering Sunday

This coming Sunday is designated Mothering Sunday (I don’t know why but I don’t mind honouring women at all – after all, without them none of us would be here!). Our practice is to bless all the women of the Vineyard with a small gift and pray for them at the end of the service – aided and abetted by the children. Afterwards, you are invited to join the team led by Ian and Hannah as they deliver flowers to the elderly women at MaeCare in MoorAllerton.

ITBGIn the Beginning

Next Sunday I will be continuing our series In The Beginning, God and turning to chapter 3 – a snake and an apple. And one of my favourite verses in the bible (Genesis 3:9). The notes from last week’s talk about taking a Day of Rest are here.


Headingley BuildingsMaking Headingley Our Home and Our Hub

Last September I went out on a limb and told you that we would be moving to Headingley – probably sometime in 2013. I am aware that we haven’t had very much to tell you since then but God has been saying quite a lot to us: (1) that we are to focus on him and the ministry to which he has called us rather than buildings and projects, (2) that he will make provision for us in Headingley at just the right time and the right place, (3) where we end up may not look like what he have grown used to and we may not like it either but what matters is what we do there, (4) that we are to expect to have a huge impact on Headingley and, in due course, the city.
So, for now, I would continue to ask you to pray for this transition but pray more for God to change the face of Headingley and transform the lives of the people who live, work and socialise there.
I think I will be coming to you with exciting news and big challenges in a few months’ time – lets be ready to ride the wave that God is pushing down Otley Road.

discover vineyardDiscovering Vineyard

The next Discovering Vineyard course runs for 4 weeks starting on Tuesday 16 April. More details here.




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