The Bake, The Appearance, The Taste and The Love

Fortunately the weekend just gone had more going on than rugby. Reluctant congratulations to the Welsh who made the England rugby team look very ordinary by the end of the game (the Irish and Scots didn’t do much better - not that that is any consolation). I was left somewhat depressed .... but only for a moment because spirits were lifted by Mark Wager and Jess Wild’s joyful wedding and by the safe arrival of Ivan Pollard’s little sister, Ella. Mum Sally is doing great (and so is Richard) and they are all going on a long cycle ride tomorrow even though Ella is still on stabilisers … just kidding, Ella hasn’t got a bike yet.

The Bake, The Appearance, The Taste and The Love
I found myself in scary territory last Friday having been called upon to judge at the Belly Buttons Great Scone Bake-Off. I am always delighted to offer my munching abilities when it comes to most food-groups but can’t claim to have the most discerning taste buds. I have not got the hang of how to defrost a scone in the microwave yet (if you have tasted Alison’s cuisine you will understand that the need for my intervention rarely arises) so I feel totally inadequate to adjudicate over someone else’s baking.

Nevertheless, with expert help from fellow judges Kate, Sally and Hannah, we came to a conclusion based on The Bake, The Appearance, The Taste and The Love. Lucy Holt won best of breed, closely followed by Sally Parrini and Judy Hardy. Richard Pollard must be commended for entering the competition but understandably, as his wife was about to deliver a daughter, his mind must have been elsewhere. I did try one of his “scones” but was later scolded by my dentist for doing so.

Wrestling and blessing
Thanks to James Garvican for a great exposition of Genesis 32:22-32 about God’s wrestle with us – challenging us to cling on to God as he calls us to a purpose and gives a new name. You can read it here.

Weekly worship next Sunday
This Sunday we are welcoming Alan Scott to speak. Alan is the Senior Pastor ofCauseway Coast Vineyard in Northern Ireland. I think you will really enjoy hearing him so get there if you can (and bring a friend!).

This is the 4th Sunday in the month so we are sharing communion, all ages together, starting at 10.30am.

Finally, our theme this Easter is Raised in Leeds: if you would like a ticket for thePassover meal I suggest you move quickly. On Good Friday join us for Breakfast on the Moor. You are invited to join in the Easter Giveway too. And then on Easter Sunday we come together for an all age Celebration - we celebrate because we don't worship a dumb idol or geriatric religion but a living God who is alive and well in Leeds today.

So much for fluffy chicks and chocolate eggs, we want to sing and shout and share stunning news of a powerful and life-transforming Saviour with everyone - especially at Easter.

David Flowers, 18/03/2013
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