Action Movies and an Ark in Headingley

T4:12 (our young people’s group) have produced an action movie, filmed on location at Brimham Rocks. This is their entry into the DTI Palm d’Or film competition (Dreaming the Impossible – the Vineyard long weekend for young people starting on Friday). The censors have not yet given it a classification but suffice to say that if you are of a sensitive disposition you may need to avert your eyes, or at least your ears. Despite some of the themes and sound effects we think it should win – on comedy value alone.

At weekly worship yesterday, once we had stopped laughing, we thought about Noah and the Ark and I asked the question, “what is your Ark?” Having been found by God’s grace and whilst learning to follow him; what life-changing, costly challenge has he given us? If you would like to share your story please post it in reply or send an email to

Headingley buildings openI suppose that one such Ark (for me anyway) is our move to Headingley. In many ways it looks foolish and unnecessary and ill-considered. But we feel it is the challenge & opportunity God has given us and so we are committed to doing it. I am not yet in a place to give you dates, times and places but am reasonably confident that on Sundays we will be worshipping in Headingley by the Autumn. Some things need to happen first. In addition we would love to sell the Vineyard Centre and when we do I am equally confident we will have somewhere to relocate most of the activities we currently do into Headingley.

Which brings me to the Week of Prayer and Fasting (Sunday 12 May – Sunday 19 May). Information about this week will be posted shortly but I would ask you to start thinking about it as we set the agenda of prayer: for the move to Headingley and the sale of the Vineyard Centre. On Sunday 12 May we will do our annual review of the finances and I will share as much as I can about the Headingley plans. At MORE, in the evening, we will bring this all before God as the first part of our week of prayer and fasting (this is not a STEPS campaign for money – I don’t think we will need that, certainly not just yet).

Some people have asked me, “Why Headingley? Why not a part of the city that needs what we do more than Headingley? Why not a poorer part of the city?” Good questions. The short answer is that this is what I felt God say to me. I am from Headingley and I first felt the nudge from God 25 years ago when John Wimber (the founder of the Vineyard movement) spoke about church planters going back to their roots. Last year that nudge came back and turned into a fairly firm push.

Having said that, we are committed to being a community of faith that serves the whole of Leeds. Headingley may become our Home but it will also be the Hub for activities and ministry across all of Leeds. I explained some of this last year - you can listen/read here - just scroll down to the talks called "Making Headingley our Home and our Hub". This coming Sunday Ben Newman is preaching and will be sharing his awesome vision for Headingley. It’s a must.

Some dates for your diary: we have a Welcome Supper next Monday evening (6 May). If you have not been before, you are invited to come for dinner at our home. If necessary we will help with transport. You can sign up on Sunday or on the website here. If you know someone, perhaps a new member of your house group, who has not been, please pass on the invitation.

The next Alpha Course starts on Tuesday 14 May – please be thinking about whether to go or take a friend. Or just to pray for the people going on the course and the leaders. Alpha is a great way to explore the questions of faith in a safe place.

David Flowers, 29/04/2013