Pie Chart Sunday 2013 - David's blog for Leeds Vineyard

Dear friends

pie chart
Last Sunday we chewed on some pie. To be honest it wasn’t the tastiest pie, quite some gristle and a bit of bone. But it needed to be tested and tasted. No horsemeat though - it is what it says on the tin.

The bottom line is that we have had a difficult year or two financially. We foresaw some of this – the current economic climate has increased our workload as a church and yet also reduced our income. Vat changes and reductions in Gift Aid haven’t helped. And yet we have been priviledged to celebrate the planting out of two churches as well.

So it has been a difficult combination to manage and has resulted in our reserves being eaten away (if you would like more information please ask Anne Button at the office - or quiz one of the trustees).

Nevertheless, none of this is a surprise to the Lord and the result of our imminent plans to relocate to Headingley will transform our financial situation. But we need to pray that what we are working on will happen – a smooth transfer from Ralph’s and a swift sale of the Vineyard Centre.

Last week there were two Vineyard forums being run for Mid-Size Churches. One for churches of 75-150 people (in London) and one for churches of 150-300 people (in Birmingham). Ben represented us in Birmingham whilst Alison and I helped lead the one in London.

It was great to spend time with pastors from around the country and we were able to prospect for nuggets of wisdom from others doing similar things to us. It was also somewhat comforting to know that most churches are facing the same financial challenges as us.

Amidst the financial challenges a lot of good stuff seems to be going on at the moment; we have been hearing stories of healing, relationship mending, financial provision and decisions to follow Jesus. We loved hearing the young people’s stories from DtI (and they may have transformed the way we do our intercessions from now on?). Let’s celebrate all that and pray for more!

May I encourage you to get involved with our week of prayer and fasting: whether praying through Isaiah 61, joining us to pray at breakfast, making your contributions on the website forum or fasting – or all four.

We have welcomed Hannah Ripping back to work after her maternity leave. Please pray for her as she acclimatises to being away from Samuel and as she settles into a new workload.

Tuesday evening sees the launch of this term’s Alpha at Costa Coffee in Headingley. Late bookings still welcome. This coming Sunday we will be praying for Erik & Birgit, Janik & Kaleb as they move to a new church and I will be preaching from Acts 2 as it is Pentecost Sunday.

At our last Discovering Vineyard course people were asking about getting information about the songs we use on Sundays. You can now find out more information here. If you would like to know more about the songs please ask the worship leader. We are usually selling a recent worship CD at the resources desk too.

Finally, the Child Contact Centre is recruiting for a Centre Manager. More information here.


David Flowers, 13/05/2013