One weekend off and then a weekend full on

We have just finished a brilliant series of Sunday teaching/inspiration on different aspects of “Reach Out” – which is what we do for people not in the Vineyard. From the Vine team we heard moving stories, an update on the last year and plans for the future. Then Nigel Hyde and Ivan & Libby shared their vision for mission overseas. The next week Liz and Alison raised our faith for the way God can speak through us and bring transformation in other peoples’ lives and finally, last Sunday, Kate, with help from Lucy and Naomi, taught us and encouraged us to become better neighbours. We recommend a book by Jay Pathak, The Art of Neighbouring (spelt correctly).

We change gear in July when I will be starting a long-term series on the book of Romans.

This is a “5th weekend” coming up. This means that we don’t schedule any formal Leeds Vineyard events. We do this to try and help you create some space in your life to do something restful and replenishing apart from church activities. So please don’t come to Ralph’s on Sunday morning!

On Sunday, in our capacity of Area Leaders for the North, Alison and I are taking a small team up to West Auckland Community Church to welcome them into the Vineyard – please pray that we will be able to bless their community and minister effectively.

Many of you are wondering about how our plans for a change in Sunday venue are coming along. No doubt many of you have questions. As I hear the questions I will try and address them through this blog. But you may also like to join us foran hour of Q&A at Headingley Methodist church on Sunday 7 July at 3.30pm. Everyone is welcome and any question is allowed – although we can’t promise to provide an answer. We won’t be able to serve refreshments so have a cup of tea before you come along!

On the evening of 7 July MORE will be taking place at the Vineyard Centre. Please put a red star next to this on your calendar – for two reasons: (1) Having discussed things in the afternoon we then need to pray together. We are entering a critical time and I would love to call you, the whole church, to prayer that evening; (2) The T4:12 band will be leading us in worship. It is a real honour to have the young people serve in this way. Come and see what has been going on amongst the young people at “shift the music”.

I have been asked by a few people about owning premises in Headingley. As you know we have placed the Vineyard Centre on the market (please continue to pray that it sells – interest has been limited thus far). Assuming that it does sell and that for the next year or so our new Sunday venue is only a rental - we will no longer own any property.

This does not unduly concern me. We bought the Vineyard Centre to give us a base from which to work and to help us build something deeper rooted and more substantial. Pretty - it ain’t, but effective in doing this - it is. Or has been. As we gradually metamorphose from a “car-park” community to a “front-door” one it makes less and less sense for some of our activities to take place in a business park a couple of miles away.

So when the time comes we will carefully relocate our activities nearer to our new Sunday venue. And in due course we will almost certainly find something in Headingley which we want to buy for the long-term. One day I expect that the church will own its own premises for Sunday and mid-week and will have freedom to do what it wants with them.

The Vine - Child Contact Centre
In case you missed the announcements we are delighted that Elaine Sadler has accepted the offer of the role of Centre Manager for the Child Contact Centre. Cyndy Dowling established the Centre over the last couple of years (with help from a fantastic team and her deputy Fi Brasil) and it has been so successful that it now warrants a part-time manager – partly to cater for the existing requirements and partly to enable it to grow.

David Flowers, 01/07/2013
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