Sun and Swimming

Many of you will be heading off for sun and swimming in the coming days. I love Sheffield Vineyard's enouragement not to forget to include God in your packing. If you want an entertaining read whilst lying on the beach (one which will also make you think about your faith and decisions and your relationship with God), I recommend Cross Roads by Wm Paul Young (of The Shack fame). If you want something a bit different in the way of worship music, try the young people's current favourite, the Rend Collective.

Last Sunday we had an incredible day with sun and swimming in the River Wharfe as we baptised 5 people who wanted to tell the world that they had decided to follow Jesus. You can see pictures here.

Before we went up to Ilkley for the afternoon we met the candidates at weekly worship, Ben demonstrated how to baptise with the help of his doll, Babs (the baptism candidate) and a plastic box full of water. I then taught on Romans 6 which includes a discussion about baptism. The text of the talk, "the Gospel means freedom from sin", is here

And just today we have waved a tearful goodbye to Ivan and Libby as they go back to the land of sun and swimming (and cliff diving and wrestling and tacos) and re-start their lives of mission in Ensenada as a married couple. They are full of passion to see God change the lives of those who live in that part of Mexico, please pray as they work out how they are going to fulfil their ministry in the coming years (and think of their family who may not see them again for many months or even years).

We are making progress with our negotiations to rent Headingley Methodist church in the Autumn. As we enter sun and swimming time things are slowing down which is a little wearisome for someone like me who prefers to start everything yesterday. It means that we are going to have to push our start date back a month to the beginning of October. Please keep an eye open for Headingley Updates on the website for more information. 

This Sunday I hope to brief you a little more about progress to date. In our studies we will go back to Romans chapter 1 and look at  Romans chapter 1:2-7.



David Flowers, 20/07/2013
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