The Living Wage and Pornography

Over the last few days two important issues have managed to squeeze their way into the media - between the necessary reporting of British sporting success and the unnecessary Royal baby-waiting. I am referring to the rather more critical topics of the Living Wage and the blocking of access to certain types of pornography on the internet.

Living Wage
Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury says: "It's something we should be shouting about." John Sentamu, The Archbishop of York is heading up the commission that is going to spend a year gathering evidence about the wisdom of having a living wage. I love the church being connected with this issue.

And I invite those of you who have any influence over setting wages to consider this carefully: (1) have your say to the commission and (2) see that you do what you can to ensure that people get paid, if not generously, then certainly fairly. The bible is clear on this. Deuteronomy 25:4 says, "Do not muzzle an ox while it is treading out the grain". St Paul applies this by saying that the worker is worth his wage.

A dead-simple and nasty issue being obfuscated and camouflaged by diversionary discussions about freedom of expression and the importance of the free use of the internet. Believe it or not the Sex Education Forum, which describes itself as "the national authority on sex and relationships education", advises teachers that "pornography is hugely diverse, it's not necessarily all bad". Even Google's "zero tolerance" sound-bite sounds good.

Let's get this right. There is nothing good about pornography at all. Nil. Zilch. Zero. We have to be ruthless in doing everything we can to dissuade those who make it, disable mechanisms that provide access to it and teach our children how to avoid it. Oh, and of course, we need to steer well clear ourselves. Don't get seduced by the half-truths and the little voice that says, "oh go on." 

The Vine
Last Sunday morning I invited you to re-consider that part of your giving which is over and above your regular gift to the church. Three years ago we seed-funded and launched the Vine which has been hugely successful in it's first two projects - the Debt Advice Centre and the Child Contact Centre. However, we had planned for the Vine to be significantly self-funded by now but this is taking longer than we expected and funds are running low.

So, when organising your additional giving I would love you to consider supporting the Vine. Here is some more information to help you find out what the Vine does and how to support it. Go there straightaway and ask the Lord what He would have you do.

August Break
Next Sunday is our last weekly worship until September. Being the 4th Sunday we start at 10.30am with all ages together in the Red Room to share communion and worship. Then the adults will be continuing our studies in Romans and looking at chapter 1:5-7.

On 1 September we will meet back at Ralph Thoresby after the summer break and be entering an exciting few weeks of preparation for many changes - watch this space!

Most housegroups will close over the summer (check with your housegroup leader) and most of the staff team take their holidays so we are a little thin on the ground. Many of us really appreciate a break but please keep an eye on those who will find this gap in our routine a cause of difficulty and loneliness.
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