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Solace and your story
Isn't it brilliant when God comes close to people - bringing comfort, healing, rescue for our souls? Last Sunday at weekly worship we were able to celebrate communion together - I heard of one person who had never before been able to take communion - in decades of being a Christian - yet was released to do so this Sunday.  We were also able to worship and then know His forgiveness, healing and comfort as we prayed for each other. If you have stories of how God has spoken to you or touched you in some way through weekly worship I would love it if you could take a few minutes to tell me your story.

We have had exciting news from the Soul Survivor crowd - who come back to Leeds today (assuming they have survived). They have been tearing up the worship highway with Rend Collective and Beth Croft. Robbie Dawkins, Daniel Hoogteijling and Eddie Lyle have been inspiring and breaking hearts as they tell their stories and teach. Many, many people have been healed and over 200 young people have decided to follow Jesus and tons of people have experienced the love of Jesus. Boom.

This weekend, Ben, Kate, Alison and I are taking a couple of days out to review and plan and pray for Leeds Vineyard. On Friday evening we will be meeting with our overseers, John & Debby Wright at Trent. I go into this strategy session with faint sensations of rumbing excitement. I am not quite sure what is going on but whilst our community of faith may be taking a break from regular meetings over August something is definitely continuing on amongst us, under the surface. I hope we will see, nay I expect to see, significant things of the Kingdom in the next 12 months. 

We take a month's break now - some are going on holiday and some of us just need a break from the hard work that goes into making weekly worship possible. We will meet again on Sunday 1 September at Ralph's. It is still a good and important thing to meet with God's people on Sunday so during August do invite yourself to other churches. You can even do some research and find out what we can learn from them - all suggestions gratefully received! But mainly you can go and bless them by joining in enthusiastically. And if you are around Leeds and looking for something to do or people to meet up with, do organise a BBQ or a walk in the park. Publicise it on the website and if anyone is around and wants to join in they can connect with you. We have a bouncy castle you can use (you have to book it through the office and do some admin), there is Picnic in the Park on 18 August too.

I will write separately about Headingley in my website blog. But during September we will be making the transition from Ralphs to Headingley and whilst weekly worship will be at Ralphs for each of the 1st 4 Sundays of September, there will be other things going on about which I will let you know in another email.


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