Calling all actors and choristers

Our Carol Services will be held on Sunday 22 December this year. The theme is “Good News” and we’ll soon have publicity and flyers for you to give to friends and neighbours. We’ll also do some leaflet delivery around Headingley.

It will be a fairly traditional service of carols and readings but with the joyful return of some drama! If you would like to take part there is one male role left to fulfill so please contact Sue Richardson and arrange an audition.

And if you would like to join the choir please contact Helen Hicks or Mike Byde as soon as possible (rehearsals start soon). Maybe you quite like singing and have a friend who likes to sing too – why don’t you invite them to join the choir with you?

We will have a morning and an evening service and I would love to fill the downstairs of the sanctuary for both – with carols and light spilling out into Headingley.

Last Sunday I spoke on Romans 1:14-16 about Paul’s indebtedness, his shame and the power of the gospel. In particular I commented on the shame that attaches to the church today and how we propose to address it. You can read it here. Next Sunday I am going to look at the shame we sometimes feel – not for the church but for ourselves - and how, although it can be disabling for many, it is conquered by the gospel.

Our good friends at Gateway church have just taken the keys to the West Wing of their refurbished building (St Mark’s church) near the University. It’s very exciting and real story of God’s miraculous provision. At the beginning of November Alison and I will be taking part in an event in which people will read through the entire bible there over the course of 3 days. We get to read Zephaniah and Zechariah!

Discovering Vineyard
If you are newish to the Vineyard (less than a year say) or if you would just like to know more about why we do what we do, please sign up to the Discovering Vineyard Course on the 4 Monday evenings in November (led by Alison and me). If you know someone new to the Vineyard who has yet to register on the website, please let them know about this course.



David Flowers, 26/10/2013
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