2 million pumpkins

pumpkinNo Trick Our Treat
Last Thursday evening we gave out hundreds of gift bags and served hundreds of burgers and sausages to the excited and petrified little ghouls and ghosties wandering our darkened streets – their parents caringly skulking, close behind.
Halloween has exploded into a major retailing bonanza in the UK in the last few years. Asda sell over 2 million pumpkins in a 3 day period. In 10 years spending has gone from £12 million to £300 million.
And I must say I don’t like it. Call me a killjoy but I don’t see much joy in the killing fields of fear. Children and adults dress up as figures that are ‘evil’: witches, vampires, ghosts and demons. If you want to be different you can hire costumes to make you look like a chainsaw killer, a psychopathic butcher or even a shooting victim (‘with authentic-looking bullet holes’).
So why do we get involved? Because we want to engage in the battle. In our own small way the Vineyard will step right into this and where there is darkness we will bring light (with glow sticks and fairy lights), where there is tricking and taking we will be treating and giving (with food and drinks), where there is hiddenness and fear we will be open and loving (with smiles and generous invitations). And all the while we will pray for His Kingdom to come.
And tonight, at a happy celebration of the burning of a Roman Catholic figurehead (mercifully, we have stopped putting a Guy on the bonfire) we will once again show another way. We will share a message of God’s love for all his created people by giving away 3000 donuts at Roundhay Park.
You Are The Project - Web SquaVineyard North Leaders’ Equipping Day – You Are The Project
If you are a leader in the Vineyard you are invited to this event. We also need some fine people to give us a few hours to help with the childcare. Please contact sally.lingham@leedsvineyard.org if you can help.

Romans - Web 1Romans

We have finished the current sequence on Romans until the New Year – you can read last Sunday’s talk here.
Next Sunday Maggie Gee will be preaching. She, her husband Nik and their three girls escaped Leeds Vineyard last year to go and plant the Harrogate Vineyard. She is a great teacher and I recommend you come to hear her speak.
Love in Action
On Sunday 1 December Matt and Anne (who lead our Reach Out ministry) will be speaking and encouraging us all to get involved in some Christmas generosity. You can find out more here. Last Sunday Beryl shared with us about the work the On the Streets team do with the Big Issue sellers and homeless in Leeds City Centre. This week we will hear from Elaine about the work the Vine does with broken families.

David Flowers, 05/11/2013
guest (Guest) 14/11/2013 20:25
you are a killjoy, as were the people holding a "party" in my street. Funny though, I had correspondence with an old friend this week who sent me a sweet and thoughtful message about the mess the church had found itself in by moralising to people, rather than showing love and tolerance.

David Flowers 15/11/2013 09:13
We had a great party in our street.