Is there anything you won't do for me this year?

Thanks to Spotify I have been reacquainted with Andre Crouch and the Disciples! If you buy your insurance from Saga you might be old enough to remember Andre. Gorgeous, uninhibited gospel music chock full of truth and encouragement - but languishing unheard in my old vinyl collection.
I am listening to one his songs, “I just want to take a little time right now and thank the Lord for all He’s done for me” (imagine a groove and a choir and a jaunty piano). He’s singing about the one leper out of ten who went back to Jesus to say thankyou for his healing. Andrae Crouch Take a Little Time v1.1
It’s a reminder to me that, before I go through the annual ritual of closing the door on last year and opening the door to a new year, I need to just cast a glance back over my shoulder and say thank you.
For some 2013 has been a good year, for some a hard one, but I know for sure that the Lord was with you and me for every minute and every metre of the year. I am thankful for new babies (not ours!), for weddings (not ours), for holidays, for family, friends, co-workers, for having enough money, for satisfied business clients, for some great food and drink and sport and music and books and walks in Yorkshire, for Headingley Methodists, for healing prayer, for baptisms, for new understanding of the truth of the gospel … and most of all for His presence.
Then I turn and look through the door into 2014 and wonder what it will bring. I know that He will be with me every minute and every metre but I also know that I have some choices about the journey. He is starting already by challenging me with the question, “Is there anything you won’t do for me this year?” Not just, “Will you do anything for me?” Mmmm. Tough question, what am I likely to want to do which He is asking me to stop? Is there something to which I will say, “Not this”?
Whatever my plans for 2014, whatever my hopes and fears, God is far, far bigger than my designs. When I meet His Son, Jesus, I encounter a powerful love which transforms lives. So His second challenge as I head into 2014 is to wait on Him and let Him transform my life and create a spectacularly rich, fulfilling and fruitful year – beyond all my hopes and expectations. For me and for the church.
So for those of you who make Leeds Vineyard your home I want to invite you to join in a month of fasting and waiting on God to let Him transform us. Our plan for the month starts on Sunday and is described here.
on the edgeDon’t forget that tomorrow morning we are going to blow out the cobwebs with a walk on Ilkley Moor – meet just above the White Wells Lodge above Ilkley at 10.30am.

David Flowers, 31/12/2013
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