Things I find hard to do

20130117 - FuneralI find it hard to say goodbye, especially hard when I know I won’t see someone again. It was hard to say goodbye to Ellen last Friday but, nevertheless, it was a good goodbye. Ellen would have approved. Team Vineyard did a great job (alongside family & friends) and made it possible to mourn, celebrate, give thanks and say goodbye.

supersunday1992aI find it hard to wait, especially when I am not quite sure what I am waiting for. In our marriage one of us does quite a lot of waiting – but maybe that’s because that one is in too much of a hurry? As a church we are waiting on a Promise this month (we are reflecting on the Promises of God: The Lord will Provide, the Lord will Heal, the Lord Our Righteousness and, next week, The Lord is There). For some of us it would be easier to rush on ahead, but in our waiting much is happening – check out Bob’s “Super Sunday” on the website forum.

 20130119 - jg as samuel

Last Sunday the children learnt about how Samuel learnt to wait to hear God call him (1 Samuel 3:1-10). Here is Matthew
, as Samuel, waiting in his sleeping bag!

I find it hard to let go. I am a bit of a control freak but I am learning to live with not knowing what is going to happen and not worrying if it is not quite right (according to me). The Bunker is an interesting exercise in relinquishing control. We are making some progress but there is quite a way to go before we can all let go and let God move more freely among us.

I find it hard to ask for money.
But statistics about giving in churches tell me that if you ask for people to give their money to the church they are more likely to do so than if you don’t ask. Duh. So, on Sunday, I will be asking for money, not for you to give on the day of course, but for you to review your giving. I know that giving isn’t easy for everyone, for many reasons, but for me it is one of the most satisfying things I do with what God has given me - and God uses it to change the world. Here’s a link to the giving information on the website. I won’t go on about it, I’ll just remind you!

I find it easy to welcome people and we extend a BIG welcome to tiny Emily Green who arrived in this world less than two weeks ago. Congratulations to Tim, Sarah and Lucy. Other babies are due too, so if you would like to make a meal for the family of a new-born check the website forums for current opportunities!

CommunionNext Sunday we will be celebrating communion at weekly worship. Where possible we love to do this with the whole church family, kids included. The way HMC is set out makes it awkward so we will be trying different approaches. This week we will take communion through the whole course of worship, the children staying in with us. That will allow some additional space and time during which we would love to see people praying for one another – probably within the pews rather than in the aisles or at the front.

nlc2014694-694x382Next week is the Vineyard National Leaders’ Conference in Nottingham, "Christ, His Church and His Cause". Quite a few of the leaders and staff will be attending (and are very much looking forward to it – there are probably still some tickets if you would like to go for a day or two). This means that we may not be as accessible as usual – although emails and ansafones will be checked regularly. Please pray for us and for the conference as a whole, it is always a significant event in the life of the Vineyard in the UK.

This Friday evening Alison and I are looking forward to some live Salsa, Mambo, Cumbia and Cha Cha Cha played by David Wallace's band, los Camaradas at HEART in Headingley. Recommended to get your toes tapping!


David Flowers, 21/01/2014