It's more than a coat of paint

queenApparently the Queen is always walking into the aroma of wet paint – wherever she goes people are preparing the way with licks of paint and bulging bin liners. I think she’s got a sneaking suspicion that it doesn’t always look so smart - and that it won’t stay that way for long.

Several of us have just returned from an inspiring National Leaders’ Conference with astonishingly appropriate messages for us. Not least Joshua 3:5: “Consecrate yourselves for tomorrow the Lord will do amazing things amongst you”. Joshua wasn’t asking them to empty the bins and tidy the tents.

If we want and expect God to do amazing things amongst us tomorrow, what does it look like to consecrate ourselves today? In the Welsh Revival in 1904-1905 Evan Roberts kept repeating: (1) confess all known sin (and unknown sin), (2) remove the cloud - anything that comes between us and God, (3) listen to the Holy Spirit and obey Him, (4) make a public confession of your faith – do the people around you know that you follow Jesus?
Consecration is a personal exercise but also a corporate one – hence the Bunker carries on. We don’t know when tomorrow will come but in the meantime we want to consecrate ourselves and our church. I encourage you to join us on Sunday evenings at 7.30pm for an hour.
I talked about this last Sunday – the notes and podcast are here. We also heard a wonderful testimony from Annette of what an “amazing” thing could look like.
A Beautiful Rhythm of LifeNext Sunday Kate Newman is the first speaker in a new series called “A Beautiful Rhythm of Life” in which I have asked people to share about how they grapple with some of the “false narratives” to which we often succumb and which suppress the amazing things God wants to do in and through us.


We heard on Sunday from Annette how brilliant Alpha is at helping people on their journey toward Jesus - or even in simply providing a date night! A new course starts this Tuesday evening at Costa Coffee. Who can you pray for and take along?

Headingley Methodist Church

We’ve been worshipping at HMC for four whole months now. It’s taken a lot of adjustment to get used to our new venue. I want to say a big THANK YOU for persisting through what has sometimes been quite difficult. But it has also been exciting to work out how to “do church” in such a contrasting environment.
Things are changing: we welcome people in different ways, we are welcoming a more diverse group of people, worship has a new quality of the Lord’s presence to it, the children are learning to pray, we are more aware of other Christians in our vicinity. The “car park” seems a long time ago and the “front door” seems very real. We’re not there yet but we are definitely on an exciting journey.
And finally, welcome to the world - to 8lbs of Isaac Albert Andrew Dean, born on 28 January after a long & gruelling labour. Congratulations to Andy and Anna! We love to support families with new-borns by making meals. If you would like to join in please check out the website forum or to this doodle to sign up.

David Flowers, 04/02/2014
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