Would he let Josh on the train? The ticket confirmation was there, on his smartphone, but would it be enough? And would he be able to see it through the cracked glass? Panting from the rush through the concourse he asks, desperately, “Will this do, can I get on the train, I’ve only got two minutes?”
When Alison got to the barrier a few minutes later there was no sign of him. Eventually she asked the guard, “Did a young man go through with a ticket on his phone?” The guard asks, “the one with the broken screen?”
What do you see when you look at a phone? Do you see the information you are reading or do you see the cracked screen? Josh had a ticket, paid for and validated for this journey, the evidence was there. But the guard noticed that the screen was cracked.
What do you see when you look at a person? Do you see the glory of God in His creation or do you see the brokenness of humanity? Do you see the proof of purchase, the validation of God’s love or do you see the cracked container?
In 2 Corinthians 4:7 Paul describes it like this, “we have this treasure in jars of clay to show that this all-surpassing power is from God and not from us.”
Last week Alex taught us how God is on a mission to restore the relationship between us and him. We know we are broken and unworthy and unreliable (remember the Apple) and yet He sees a heart that He made and ransomed and loves. We have a ticket to new life, paid for and valid – even if our screen is cracked.
That’s good news but let us also ask the Holy Spirit to give us His eyes with which to see the glory of God in every person, however broken they may seem at first.

Next week

Even though next week is a 5th Sunday weekly worship at Headingley Methodist will take place at 11.00am. Because it is Mothering Sunday it will be a special all-age service. Kate will be speaking and it will be particularly appropriate to bring friends who don’t know Jesus. 

This weekA Beautiful Rhythm of Life

We celebrate communion together at weekly worship. We also get the joy of dedicating Eryk Biedka. Pete Sammons is preaching and finishing our series on A Beautiful Rhythm of Life.


birthdaypartiesParty time

Alison has been busy organising a big party for her parents this Sunday so please excuse her absence! We are celebrating Leslie’s 90th birthday, Sheelagh’s 88th birthday and their diamond wedding anniversary (the original plans to formally celebrate the anniversary two years ago were spoilt by Sheelagh spending the summer in hospital after a fall). It will be a gathering of the few friends of theirs who are still around and the extended family. I am thinking of it as a trial run in preparation for Leslie’s 100th, Sheelagh’s 98th and their Platinum anniversary!

By the way, yes, the guard let Josh through and he got his train. The cracked screen didn’t stop him using the ticket.

David Flowers, 22/03/2014
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