The Vine is important enough ... 

The Vine logoThe Vine is our charity through which we offer Debt Advice and a Child Contact Centre. It is a an expression of God’s love – it’s love in action. It’s important and this coming Sunday we will be hearing some stories about what has been going on there. I’ve been reading the stories and they are so moving – yes, I realise, there is good we can do. And when it is from God’s inspiration and provision it may be tiring but it need not be wearying.
Last Sunday we heard from Matt and Anne who head up our Reach Out ministry. They taught from Galatians 6:9 about how we are encouraged to do good which need not become wearying but fruit-bearing. Being tired isn’t the same as being weary – being weary is a warning about trying to do good without God. You’ll be able to find the talk on the Resources part of the web site before long.
Gathering together is an essential part of our journey as followers of Jesus but this Sunday it will be a little more difficult than usual. That’s because of the Leeds Half Marathon (if you are running in it why don’t you go round twice and make it a full marathon?). Now the marathon (whether half or full) is undoubtedly a good thing but it is going to make your journey to HMC a little more challenging than usual. The race starts on the Headrow in the middle of Leeds and pretty much traces a circle around Headingley and back to the Headrow. So if you live outside the circle you will have to time your journey carefully.
The crucial website page that describes the route and road closures is here.
half marathonFrom what I can tell: if you need to get to weekly worship early to serve (thank you!) you will need to cross the Northern part of the route (coming down Otley Road) before 9.45am. If you are coming for the normal start time then you will need to drive round to the East, to Meanwood Road. You should probably aim for the Vineyard Centre – and then come up into Headingley from there via Cambridge Road/Woodhouse Street (and possibly Stainbeck Road). Meanwood Road should open at 10.15am.
I understand that the Inner Ring Road will be open which gives you another access point into the south entrance to the Headingley area.

It will be awkward – BUT IT WILL BE WORTH IT! Not just to hear the stories of The Vine but to worship together and pray for one another and for the children to have a fantastic time learning about Jesus and having fun. A time to be replenished and equipped to do good and to live for Jesus. See you there.

Parties and Picnics
Last Sunday was such great fun – not just the privilege of witnessing Tim and Sarah’s baptism (and Emily’s dedication) but also the chance to hang out together beside the river and share food (thanks for the fish & chips Tim and Sarah), throw stones and Frisbees (some into the water and others to people) and lots of chat. And then a remnant returned to HMC to worship and pray at the Bunker.
On Sunday 18 May there is another picnic planned – at 3.00pm in Roundhay Park. Bring a friend and a picnic. A chance to gather as a family and invite others. Invitations available on Sunday from Sally Lingham.



PS If you are getting this and are no longer at Leeds Vineyard, please let us know and we can remove you from the mailing list.
David Flowers, 06/05/2014
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