The Leadership Group

David and Alison Flowers are the Senior Pastors. They are supported by the Leadership Group which is made up of three couples (leaders don't have to be couples, this team just happens to be made up that way at the moment). 

The Leadership Group acts as an "eldership" to the church (1 Peter 5:1ff). It is made up of people who are recognised as influencing and leading in our community. Between us we take responsibility for our key priorities: Worship, Equipping, Ministry, The Bible, Fellowship, Sending. We meet several times a month to share, discuss, pray and make decisions.

Leadership Group roles:

  1. To lead and oversee in key areas of the life of the church;

  2. To act as a sounding board and wisdom in discussion about what is going on and about future plans;

  3. To provide support and accountability to David and Alison - the Leadership Group will challenge and question;

  4. To provide a way for David and Alison to communicate and engage with many more people across the church community.

Who is in the Leadership Group?

Matt and Anne Button - Equipping

"We believe that as a church, we will continually experience God's presence afresh. Out of this we expect God to change people's hearts and lives AND when he does, our vision is to see the community of Leeds Vineyard - "inspired for life & equipped to serve". They also oversee our Reach Out team and serve on The Vine. Anne is an Assistant Pastor with responsibility in her staff role for governance and finance. Matt works as a local GP.

Phil and Helen Hicks - Worship

Helen describes this scripture as the starting point for worship, "Love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your strength and with all your mind." Luke 10:27. Our vision for worship: We are a community who love Jesus and worship Him with everything we are, in every moment. We daily seek His presence and intimacy, wherever we go. Phil and Helen oversee all aspects of worship in Leeds Vineyard. Phil runs his own property and garden business and Helen is a music teacher. 

Andrew and Sally Lingham - Fellowship

"We feel called to love and serve the people of Leeds Vineyard and to help 'strengthen the church'. We are passionate about building up, loving and inspiring those who are part of our Leeds Vineyard family". Andrew and Sally oversee small groups at Leeds Vineyard. Andrew is the Head of Waste Strategy and Infrastructure at Leeds City Council and Sally is an Assistant Pastor with responsibility for small groups.


David and Alison Flowers - Bible

David has a lifelong passion for understanding and teaching the bible. He believes in the power of scripture to bring truth into the confusion and lies of life and light into the darkness. Alison has a heart of compassion for the people of the Vineyard and in particular pastors the leadership group. David is also a director of a financial planning business in Leeds and Alison is an artist.