There's a buzz around small groups 

What a great morning we had last Sunday! Loads of you back from your holidays, tanned and fresh for the new term! Andrew Lingham gave us a superb introduction into our launch of the new Small Groups. This is the sign-up week so please do go on line or ring the office to let them know which of the twenty groups you would like to join for the next term.

Next Sunday promises to be equally exciting as we give the morning over to seeing what the Lord has said to you about “going next door”. Last week, during our “week without” we were asking Him to reveal to us what we could do to be disciples in our community, outside the church. You might feel called to your workplace or to your neighbourhood or to your family. Maybe you have a vision to be a champion for a ministry amongst the poor or even overseas? It may be something already in existence like serving in our debt advice centre or in the child contact centre. It may be something which you (or we) have never thought of yet.

Please come prepared to share about what God said to you when you asked Him how you should “go next door”. We’re looking forward to hearing all about it!

And then - does the excitement never cease? - we are privileged to witness two of our number (Paul and Sophie – and maybe some other last minute entrants!) following Jesus’ example by being baptised in declaration of their faith. I would love us all to go up to Ilkley after weekly worship, taking a picnic and joining in this celebration - and then spend the afternoon, weather permitting, enjoying each other’s company. Bring some games and pray for sunshine! We find it difficult to create downtime with each other as a church family – here’s a great opportunity.

This is full immersion baptism, the “dunk” as it is known in the trade. But I remember fondly the story of the Anglican vicar presiding at a christening who rolled up his sleeves, dipped his hands in the font and smiled at the christening party saying, “He should be in here somewhere.”

On a more serious note, please continue to pray for Ivan & Libby as they mourn the loss of Jesiah. And remember Anthony & Jane, Libby’s parents, and Chris & Hannah (and Ian), her siblings. This is a tough time for all of them.

Today Alison and I met with Andrew & Rosie McNeil, our Regional Overseers. They pastor the Birmingham Vineyard and are old friends of ours and Leeds Vineyard. As the Vineyard in the UK goes through a major transition this weekend with the formal handover of the leadership reins from John & Ele Mumford to John & Debby Wright, we shared together about our hopes and expectations for what the Lord is wanting to do in the North (Alison and I are currently the Area Leaders for the North).

In a couple of weeks (2 October) we will be gathering the Vineyard pastors from around the North to a day in Leeds when we will talk about how we can plant new churches and grow healthy ones in the North.



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