Small Groups


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I go to more than one group?
Yes, but we ask people to commit fully to both, not partially commit to two. If you sign up for two very popular groups then we may ask you to prioritise one.
What if I start a group and don’t like it, am I committed for 3 months?
No. All our Small Group leaders want you to find the right group for you so there is no problem with changing groups if you find that your chosen group isn't working out. Have a chat with your Small Group leader and they will help you to find a group that fits you better.

How do I know if I have a place in the Small Group I have signed up for?
Your Small Group leader will be in touch to confirm you have a place in the group you have chosen.

Can I stay in the same group every term?
Yes. We understand that for many people it isn't helpful to change groups every term. You are free to stay in the same group for as long as the leaders are leading it!

I've missed signing up, is it too late to join a group?
As long as there are spaces you can join a group at any time during the term. Please get in touch with us at the office if this is you.

Still have questions?
Please give us a call on 0113 230 2139 or email: