Expedition Sunday

On Sunday 30 October, instead of gathering in the building, we will gather at Golden Acre Park. We are going to rendezvous at 11.30am on the meadow beside the East car park (off Arthington Road). Depending upon the weather we will be able to stroll around the park at our own pace, or make our way to the café for warm refreshments, or just play games.

If you need a lift or can offer lifts please let us know below. Lifts will be from Headingley (Headingley Taps car park) at about 11.00am to Golden Acre Park and back again if needed.

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In the spirit of Invitation we are encouraging everyone to attempt to eat lunch with someone they haven't shared a meal with before! If you love to cook and host maybe you could invite some people over. If you can't offer - maybe you can receive an invitation instead! No sign ups - but feel free to start inviting, or to just do so on the walk on the day!