Vineyard House     

What was originally the Parochial Institute when it was built (1884) became known, for address purposes, as St Michael's Hall. Owned by Jim Harris for the last 20 or so years it has attracted the sobriqet "Jim's House" whilst we have been investigating the opportunity to acquire it. 

Names are important. They tell a bit of a story about a place and they become associated with the purposes and activities that take place (and vice versa). One of the tasks facing the Leadership Group over recent months has been to choose a name for the building which reflects the vision we have been given for it and for making Headingley our Home and our Hub. We chose to avoid a catchy "brand name" - there are plenty of those around.

After some time talking, thinking and praying we eventually decided to call the building: Vineyard House.


Because it is part of the Vineyard church - and the work that emanates from it comes from the heart of our people.When people come towards it we want them to know that they are coming toward a named family with values and vision. Part of our vision is for the Vineyard to be known as great neighbours in the community - that will be aided by being readily attached to a place from which we can give, give, give.


Not in the sense of an office block (Merrion House) or in the sense of a block of flats or a school group (like Griffindor). "House" is a metaphor in the Bible for the place where God can be found, a place where we can go to draw near to Him. So, "house" - in the sense of home, a sanctuary but also a place with open doors where friends and strangers are welcome. A place of hope and refuge. Somewhere characterised by giving & resourcing and where we can sense the fragrance of God's presence.

Vineyard House, may God bless this house!