Triathlon slide 2019 

On Sunday 9th June its the AJ Bell World Triathlon in Leeds. It’s an exciting coup for the city. However, it will affect Headingley so please plan ahead to ensure you can make it to weekly worship!

First of all: please note that it will be straightforward for pedestrians to get around. The organisers simply ask that we respect the instructions of the stewards at the crossing points – of which there are two really close to HMC.
Secondly: if you are coming on public transport please check the timetables because there will be some changes.
Thirdly: if you are driving you will be able to get quite far into Headingley before church, but you may be impeded afterwards because they are closing North Lane/Otley Road/Shaw Lane from 11.00am onwards.
So if you are coming by car we suggest you give yourself an additional 10 minutes and park a little further away from central Headingley – around St Chad’s if you are coming from the North, around the sports stadium if coming from the West, between Headingley and Hyde Park if you are coming from the South. It is a bit more difficult from the East because the race route starts at Roundhay Park and heads straight towards Headingley. If you are coming from this side of Leeds you may need to drive round to Lawnswood and down Otley Road from the Ring Road; or into town and up onto Otley Road from the Inner Ring Road.
See the map for the full route and road closures.