Choices that lead to changes

In my experience there are several choices you can make as a disciple of Jesus which will accelerate your personal growth, spiritual maturity and well-being. Almost by definition, none of them are easy. If they were easy the change they could bring wouldn’t be needed because you would already be there, changed.
At the beginning of this year we are inviting you to make two decisions, not easy ones, hard ones - but choices that will, I promise you, bring change.
Choice One: choose a small group to commit to for this term.
Choice Two: choose to invest 30 minutes a day to read the bible.
Most of us can think of lots of reasons why these two decisions are difficult to implement. But my experience as a pastor for many years is that regularly attending a small group and reading the bible every day leads inevitably and mysteriously to magnificent changes. I can’t fully explain why or how but I know that God responds to you when you make these hard choices. In unpredictable but glorious ways He steadily gets closer and does soul surgery on us.
If life is a challenge: if there are blockages you don’t seem to be able to shift, addictions which control you, relationships which produce pain – one of the ways the Lord comes close is through your small group and your bible reading. Yes, really. Try it!


Check out the website here.  
Things are happening behind the scenes in the building although it will take some time before you can tell from the outside:

  • Asbestos being removed;
  • Kitchen cleaned and repaired (thankyou to the wonderful volunteers);
  • We have already had some meetings there;
  • One of our friends who sleeps on the street has established a bit of a home in the porch and we are talking with him about the future;
  • LCCT (Leeds Christian Community Trust) will become tenants in the next few weeks;
  • We will move our offices from North Lane sometime before the summer;
  • A bunch of American Football fanatics in the church plan to watch the Superbowl there!
  • The Prayer Room small group are decorating and preparing a Prayer Room in Vineyard House;
  • Sam and David are working with the architect on trying to fit the vision into the possible and the legal! 



Last week I had breakfast with a bunch of pastors from around Leeds and I can report that God is doing great things in many churches and that we were able to demonstrate a whole-hearted unity as we shared communion together (this is the “Week of Christian Unity”)
On the same theme - this weekend we have a pulpit swap with Tim Boocock, the Headingley Methodist minister, preaching at weekly worship and David preaching at the Methodist service.
The following week the pastoral staff, leadership group and others are heading off to Nottingham for the annual National Leaders’ Conference. I suspect it is going to be wild! Please pray for us.
In February David will be going to Mexico to visit Ivan & Libby and build houses for those living in the slums (with Anthony, her Dad, and Chris, her brother – the Pollards). Libby went out there many years ago to serve with YWAM and has been a missionary there ever since! You may like to support this by making a donation toward the cost of fitting out the new home we’ll be building. You can do so through the usual giving arrangements (just mark it “Mexico”) – or let me know.
And finally, bookings for Ashburnham 2019  are open – come and join the fun and have a wonderful week’s holiday in East Sussex in August.