Leeds Vineyard


Prayer is important in our community. We value being a group of people who pray and depend upon God and not our own collective skills and abilities. We pray at every opportunity be it on Sundays or in Small Groups or whenever.  


Praying in response to Coronavirus

At a time like this, more than ever, we acknowledge the appropriate response is to join together in prayer. We worship a God who is full of compassion and who always responds to our cries for help. Indeed, our prayers have the power to change the direction of human history.    

We want to facilitate prayer that flows out of our relationship with God and with each other. Therefore, while there are many excellent prayer initiatives and resources available that we can draw on at this time, we want to prioritise coming together in the ways below.


Weekly prayer posts to unite us at this time
Sunday evenings
First Friday of every month at 8.30pm
Ways to pray in your growth group during this time
Christians across Leeds united in prayer
Resources to guide your prayers in this season