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OSER - we need a new name!

OSER stands for Open Space Engine Room. We need a new name to describe an event that covers Open Space (worship) and Engine Room (prayer) because we are combining the two this coming Sunday evening. Anne Buchan and Helen Hicks are leading with me.

Remember, there is no weekly worship in the morning but it would be great if you could join in the Bring & Share lunch event. You do need to book it!
Instead, we are meeting in the evening from 7.30pm-9.00pm for what promises to be one of our most significant times of worship and prayer – for years.

What to expect:

  • Front doors open at 7.00pm, refreshments served inside. You can leave your shoes at the back if you wish.

  • At 7.30pm we will light a candle to symbolise the commencement of our time of worship and prayer.

  • After worship I will show a video of the building we are going to buy and tell you a little of the amazing story of how God has led us to this point and what is happening next!

  • Then we will spend the rest of the evening worshiping and praying in various forms: sometimes giving thanks, sometimes interceding and sometimes listening to God speaking to us.

  • Our theme for the evening is Isaiah 61, the year of the Lord’s favour and you may wish to read and reflect on this chapter before you come.

  • We will finish by listening to the Holy Spirit to speak to us about his plans for how we use this building. We’ll jot our thoughts down and pray over them. I expect these to be significant in our decision-making over the coming weeks.

  • At 9.00pm we will blow out the candle and commit our prayers and worship to the God.

  • It will be fun and active and not at all boring. You can join in as much or as little as you wish (but prayer meetings work best if we pray!).

If you would like to join the team running the evening you would be very welcome. There is room for help with PA, AV, refreshments, welcome, set up and set down. Please reply to this email and we’ll link you up with the team leader.

A couple of things to remind you about:
Firstly, if you would like to be baptised on 11 June, please let one of the pastoral staff or your small group leader know as soon as possible.
Secondly, we’re into the sign-up period for the new flurry of Small Groups. Find a group that works for you and get stuck in, there’s loads to choose from.


David Flowers, 25/04/2017

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God's plan is bigger than Brexit 

The problem with living in Leeds and the problem with reading social media is that the world shrinks to a post code and my expectation of what God can do shrinks to a postage stamp. I’ve just spent a few days meeting with a steely crazy bunch of people who are serving God in inhospitable places all over the world where it would seem impossible for them to make a difference. In fact I had to learn some special terminology to understand what they were saying – because it wasn’t safe to speak freely.

But they tell stories of what Jesus is doing all over the world and especially in places where He’s not allowed to be spoken of. So what do they do? Well, nothing like all the activity that an Apprentice gets through in a single day when sent out by Lord Sugar. Mainly they pray, make friends, serve their communities – and then more prayer. They are being obedient to what the Lord (not Sugar) has called them to, and then, sure enough, He goes and does supernatural stuff which just blows your mind and cracks open a view of heaven’s wonders - seen on earth.

Back in Leeds it sometimes feels that we’re just pre-occupied with Brexit, the celebrity pages and seeking after happiness. But God has a plan which takes Brexit in its stride and provides an answer to our dilemmas on an eternal and cosmic scale and He’s also concerned about the detail of our Leeds lives.

The hard work of prayer sometimes seems too much when it’s hard enough trying to figure out how to stay healthy, pay our bills, sort out our relationships and try and enjoy life. But if we can lift our heads a little higher, think about making a difference in the world around us and go to God in prayer we too can experience the startling activity of the Holy Spirit in our lives!

I think the main thing I learnt from time with these crazy Christians is how much God wants to do, how little we can do on our own and therefore how important it is for us to pray.

So do pray! Pray on your own, pray in your small group, pray at weekly worship - and come along to Open Space on April 30 – where will worship and pray and wait for the Holy Spirit to come and do his supernatural stuff amongst us and amongst those we minister to.

It’s Easter week and the scale of what Easter represents across the world is wide: ranging from a re-ordering of the universe as Jesus defeats the power of death to the personal but sensational freedom each of us can experience as we receive His forgiveness granted at the cost of His life.

Here is a prayer of thanks for Easter which you can use if you wish:
Lord, give me grace unceasingly to return thanks to your Word and only Son,
as the purifier of our nature by his conception and nativity,
the deliverer of our persons, by his sufferings, cross and death,
the conqueror of hell, by his descent, of death by his resurrection,
our forerunner, in his ascension,
our advocate, in his sitting in glory,
the perfecter of our faith in his second advent.

(Bishop Lancelot Andrewes)

When we hear stories about what the Spirit of God is doing in hostile countries far, far away it sparks our imagination. But He is also at work in no less a fashion, right here, in Leeds. All around us and amongst us people are being forgiven, set free, repaired, inspired, transformed and healed. Let us not fall into the trap of thinking that the Spirit of God only works his wonders in faraway places but let us pray for and seek his activity right here, right now – in me, in us, in our communities, and in our country as well.

PLEASE NOTE: for your diary, there are extra fun things going on this coming Easter weekend and then on 30 April there is NO WEEKLY WORSHIP but there is Lunch and Open Space in the evening. Check the calendar at the bottom of the website homepage and the newssheets for up to date information.



David Flowers, 11/04/2017

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From Westminster to West Yorkshire 


The trauma in Westminster this week has happened quite faraway, and yet it is a national agony which we feel even in the “North”. The Apostle Paul used the metaphor of a body to describe the church family when he said, “if one part suffers, every part suffers with it…” And so, in the same way that a wound to the abdomen inflicts sharp pain there - but awareness of pain everywhere, so the immediate piercing damage done in London is also felt in Leeds.


Familiarity exacerbates the fear and distress. Many of us have walked Parliament Square and I still remember the shiver down my spine, waiting for a train at Kings Cross 12 years ago, and reading the headline, “bombers from Leeds” just a couple of days after that particular horror.


Leeds has, so far, escaped direct involvement in this attack but London is not so far away and we must not anaesthetise the pain. What can we do? One thing we can do is to pray. If you are not sure how to pray, here is how I am praying. I hope it may help you:


Sovereign God, hear my cry of “Why, why, why?” I know it is the work of the enemy but still the answers never really satisfy.


Lord, accept my questions.


Sovereign God, I don’t want to forgive but you have been merciful first and foremost so release forgiveness in my heart too.


Lord, accept my intent.


Sovereign God, comfort the broken-hearted. Those who, without warning have lost severely and are thrown into unprepared grief.


Lord, accept my plea.


Sovereign God, repair and heal the injured, in mind, body and spirit. Foil the plan of the enemy to destroy these lives and bring sweet miraculous restoration.


Lord, accept my portion of faith.


Sovereign God, enable the authorities to pursue righteousness and justice, uncovering the danger and thwarting further atrocities.


Lord, accept their efforts.


Sovereign God, for the sake of those who praise you and seek your face, sustain your overwhelming protection of this land.


Lord, accept our worship.


Sovereign God, cast light into the darkness so all may find a way to hope and freedom.


Lord, accept all of our stumbling.


Sovereign God, forgive my preoccupation with the pain that is nearest to home when, not so far away across the seas, many are in constant fear and hunger and many, many more have died. Grant them your mercy and comfort too.


Lord, accept the many prayers of those close to their own tragedies and my prayers for them too.


New People on Staff


In case you weren’t with us last Sunday morning: I was glad to introduce Phil Hicks as the person we have invited to take on the role of Project Manager as we set about the Project of buying a new building, refurbishing it and putting it to good use. Phil has a passion for buildings and as a property developer has great experience in managing projects like this. We are absolutely delighted that he has accepted this challenge!


If you have ideas about what you think God is calling us to do in this building drop him an email ( If you would like to offer skills and energy he would love to hear from you too. In due course I will be coming to you to explain how to give financially towards this project. But please be thinking and praying about it now.


As you will know Molly Ovenden, our finance administrator, is returning to her homeland in Minnesota (with her husband Max!). We are taking the opportunity to redefine the staffing needs within the financial governance of the church (and for Harrogate and Sheffield Vineyards). Therefore we have appointed an excellently qualified Business Manager. Adrian Howe worships at South Parade Baptist Church and is committed to Headingley and a friend of the Vineyard. You may not meet him on Sunday but you will see his face on the website and his name on financial documents!


New People for Dinner


Our next Welcome Dinner for new(ish) people is on Monday evening. If you or any of your friends in the church haven’t joined us before please extend a warm invitation to them and ask them to sign up on-line or on Sunday.






David Flowers, 24/03/2017

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Digging Up The Treasure 

This is turning into one of those important months in the life of Leeds Vineyard - and therefore in your and my life and in the lives of all those to whom we minister today and to whom we will minister in the years to come.  We are called to win Headingley for the Kingdom and the Project upon which we are embarking is a big step toward enabling the fulfilment of this vision.

Please do join us on Sunday morning at weekly worship where I will make a short announcement about our new staff appointments – key positions to get us into a place where we can start to “dig out the treasure” which God has shown us (Matthew 13:44-46).

Sally Wallace has a wonderful message continuing our series on “Who is Jesus?” in which she asks the question “And who do you say that I am?” And it is Picnic in the Church as well (so do bring your supplies!).

Mothers’ Day

Sunday 26 March is Mothers’ Day (or Mother’s Day or Mothering Sunday). We will take the opportunity to bless and pray for women and mothers and offer them a small gift. It is a good opportunity to make an invitation to your friends, colleagues and family.

Our practice is to honour mothers (because we all had one) but also to honour all women whether or not they have biological children of their own. This is not a patronising male thing (Fathers' Day looms in a few weeks' time and we get our turn) but a recogition that women are an absolutely equal part of God's creation alongside men. Religious language tends to emphasis the masculine - for various grammatical and cultural reasons - but I don't believe God emphasises either gender. Genesis 1:27 says,

So God created mankind in his own image,
in the image of God he created him;
male and female he created them.

Both male and female are reflected in who God is. He is not gender-neutral - he is full of gender, male and female. So women and mothers reflect as much of who God is as men and fathers do.

Mothers' Day Sunday is also our monthly celebration of communion.  Sarah Byde will be teaching another in our “Who is Jesus?” series and showing how he identifies with us and we with him (whether we are men or women!). It’s a great message.

Fifth Sunday

Sunday 30 April is a 5th Sunday and we’re going to try something different. We will move weekly worship from the morning to the evening. It will take the form of Open Space, i.e. with more of a focus on worship and prayer (but there won’t be any provision for young children).

In the morning we are encouraging people who can to offer lunch in their home – for people who are relatively new to the church. We’ll provide more information soon but it would be great if you could make a note of this in your diary.


Our next baptism service is on 11 June up at Ilkley in the River Wharfe, as is our tradition. If you have not yet been baptised but you are a follower of Jesus then here is your chance! In Acts 2 when the people ask Peter how they could be saved he sums it up by instructing them to do three things: repent; be filled with the Holy Spirit; and be baptised. If you want to know more please ask your small group leader or one of the pastoral staff.



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It's time to get on our knees 

Dear Leeds Vineyard

It is time to get on our knees, which is another way of saying, time to pray. I know we have only just finished a month of prayer and fasting but just like we are always able to keep using social media, so it is good to keep praying - at all times and in all places.

Whether you pray best on your knees or standing up, whilst walking, ironing or driving … I would ask you to pray. Why are you calling us to pray again you may ask?

Well, Alison and I think that last Sunday morning was very significant in the life of the church as we heard from many people about how the Lord is speaking to us. There is a recording of what was said here (along with a graphic by Krystyna which is a great visual version of the words). As soon as we can we’ll add the full text of what was said.

God is speaking to us in fresh and radical ways. We enter the next stage of deciding on the purchase of a building and we sense his challenge to us to start “re-building the walls” and we are, naturally, full of excitement and holy expectation.

But the enemy is not enamoured of our preparedness to step forward into God’s purposes. It has become clear to us that unlike Jesus, who came to bring life in abundance, the enemy has come to steal kill and destroy (John 10:10). Already this week we have heard and prayed for several who have fallen ill or had accidents. The enemy has designs on our health and schemes to spoil our work, frustrate our finances and poison our relationships.

But God has good plans for us, amazing plans, “What no eye has seen, what no ear has heard, and what no human mind has conceived, the things God has prepared for those who love him” (1 Corinthians 2:9). And what he starts and purposes, he finishes, “I make known the end from the beginning, from ancient times, what is still to come. I say, “My purpose will stand, and I will do all that I please”.” (Isaiah 46:10). Nothing is going to stop him!

So please pray – pray for the leadership, for the people in your small group, for the children and young people, for those you know who are facing difficulties. Write their names on cards and keep them in your wallet, set reminders on your phones to pray quickly at intervals during the day, gather with your friends and pray together over coffee or over social media.

Please pray for the negotiations over the building and for the appointment of new staff at this crucial time. Pray that God’s plans will come to fruition, that our finances will be blessed and that the people he wants in place to serve the church will end up in post. Thank you.


If you haven’t partaken in the highly inventive and positive approach that 40Acts takes to Lent do try this link and see if you’d like to join in over the next 40 days. It starts today 1 March.


When he was preaching a couple of weeks ago Matt Button alluded to the question of how we feel about inviting people to Leeds Vineyard. If you haven’t already done so why don’t you click on the link here and answer four simple questions as he does more research about the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats within our community here. It will be fun to see the results and the more people who participate the better.



David Flowers, 01/03/2017

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Who is Jesus? 

Over 2 billion people, one third of the world’s population, identify themselves as Christians, followers of Jesus Christ (Pew Research Centre, 2011). That’s way more than any other religion. So who is this Christ whose name they take? We discover who he is mainly from four biographies written about him (the gospels). Mark’s gospel starts with, “The beginning of the good news about Jesus the Messiah, the Son of God…” and it ends with the centurion who, on seeing how Jesus died, declared, “Surely this man was the Son of God” (despite having pledged allegiance to another divine ruler, Caesar).

The question, “Who is Jesus?” is our theme both for the month of prayer and fasting we’re about to start and It is also our main teaching theme for the year. The gospel of Mark is going to be our core text and the reference point for both the month of prayer & fasting and for the year’s theme. It’s an easy book to read, quite short too. You could probably read it in an evening! I commend it to you. You can pick up a free copy of the book on Sunday.


Fasting means to forego those things that bring us some comfort. This month you are invited to join in a month of fasting your screen! Click here and open the pdf at the bottom of the page to find out more.

Vision Sunday

This Sunday is our chance to reflect a little on what went on in 2016 and what we can look forward to in 2017. Here’s a heads-up on one or two key events to look out for in 2017:

  1. Ben & Kate, Sam & Joseph will be heading North to Edinburgh before the summer. The long journey will be over and they will start gathering people to the new Edinburgh Vineyard. How exciting!
  2. Ian & Hannah, Sam & Joy will be formally launching Bradford Vineyard during 2017 too. In the meantime do check out their local events such as the curry evening this Saturday (do go and join in, they’d love your support).
  3. Our next Baptism service will be on 11 June. If you would like to be baptised or want to find out more please talk to your small group leader in the first instance.
  4. The excellent Alpha Course starts again on 6 February at the Costa Coffee shop in Headingley. Are you wanting to know more about Jesus or do you have a friend who is asking questions – Alpha is a great way of finding out more.
  5. Current leaders are invited to the Leaders’ Mini-weekend on the 17/18 March.
  6. A huge favourite for many of us is the Ashburnham holiday in the summer. If you are planning your holidays – check it out!

The Building

A year ago, on Vision Sunday, I shared with you my expectation that we would buy a building in 2016. I was wrong about the date but right about the building and we are currently in the process of negotiating a purchase. This is a hidden treasure, a precious pearl and I’ll share more about it on Sunday!


This Sunday, as we start our month of prayer and fasting and as we look back and look forward, we will share communion - which seems most apt.


Next week, all of the Leadership Group, some of the staff team and some others will be heading to Nottingham for the National Leaders’ Conference. We’ll tell you about it the week after but much of it is available online too.
Finally, some rather sad news. Many of you will know Karen Davidson whom we knew when we were at South West London Vineyard and who was part of Leeds Vineyard for a while. She suffered bravely with various serious illnesses whilst holding down a senior job at Leeds Girls High School and contributing wonderfully to the church. Latterly, she and Mike have been living in her Irish homeland and last Sunday afternoon she died there peacefully. We feel her loss deeply but celebrate her life and know that she is now in a far better place: whole and well and worshipping at the feet of the Jesus she loved and served.

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A pearl without price

Looking back at 2016 and forward into 2017

Jesus told us these parables: ‘The kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field. When a man found it, he hid it again, and then in his joy went and sold all he had and bought that field. ‘Again, the kingdom of heaven is like a merchant looking for fine pearls. When he found one of great value, he went away and sold everything he had and bought it. Matthew 13:44-46

Let us reflect, where was the pearl without price last year? Where is it buried in 2017?

The Lord spoke to us in many ways last year, not least through our times of prayer and fasting (Taking Stock in January and then Prepare the Way in September – see below for some of the words and prophecies we have received). At the beginning of 2016 I shared two things that the Lord had given us: one was that we were going to make steps toward becoming a more invitational church. The other was that we would buy a building in Headingley.

Over the course of the year we have learnt what it means to make an invitation, how we were first the glad recipients of an invitation and how making an invitation to others is just the start of the gospel story. We learnt that the way people respond is not the measure of success but overcoming our fears to make the invitation is. We are not done on learning to be invitational but we have made a start.

When I said we were going to buy a building I confess it was a leap in the dark! Partly because we would have been unable to buy anything until we sold the Vineyard Centre and partly because there is very little commercial property for sale in Headingley. We reach the end of the year without having bought a building but we have sold the Vineyard Centre and we have found a building we could buy.

Both of these were God-given steps forward. So we find ourselves entering 2017 on the cusp of making an offer on a building which will transform our presence in Headingley. I hope to say a lot more about this at the end of January.

The Lord has revealed a pearl of great price in this opportunity. It will be a costly pearl and will mean sacrifice and a big step of faith but the prize is worth it.

There were many treasures last year:

  • We baptised 8 people;
  • Dedicated 5 children;
  • Assisted in 1 funeral;
  • Tim Boocock and I did a pulpit swap and our working relationship with the Methodist congregation has gone from strength to strength. It is a good witness to the community;
  • Ivan & Libby continued to minister in Mexico and Ruth in Asia. Rob invested 6 months working with children in South Africa;
  • We celebrated and thanked the Newman family for their years of inspired ministry amongst us and then pointed them North as they set about preparing to plant the Edinburgh Vineyard in 2017;
  • Toward the end of the year we ran “Reverse Advent” and your generosity resulted in 21 presents for the families involved in our Child Contact Centre and 53 hampers for individuals and families within and beyond our church community;
  • We closed our Debt Advice Centre but celebrated a precious 5 years of highly successful ministry to scores of people thanks to the amazing Gwen Procter and her team;
  • The Child Contact Centre continues to provide an essential service to the community with an average of 5-8 families attending every fortnight;
  • Every month the Healing on the Streets team are out in Headingley praying for people and sharing God’s love;
  • Our small groups continue to flourish, increasing in number and variety with some 27 groups running by the end of the year with 175 people attending (our best year ever);
  • 20 people attended Alpha (our best year ever) and 4 people decided to follow Jesus as a result;
  • We have been able to welcome a whole bunch of new students with well over 20 attending regularly and involved in the life of the church (our best year ever);
  • The sanctuary is regularly full for weekly worship on Sunday mornings with over 300 people attending our Christmas services;
  • We have been privileged to have prayed for hundreds of people and seen God heal and restore many lives. I continue to be overwhelmed by the Lord’s mercy to us as individuals and as a congregation.

His kingdom is truly a pearl without price.But great treasure awaits us in 2017 too. The Lord is at work in Headingley and we will unearth precious pearls in the coming months as we seek his kingdom. Pray and prepare and keep seeking. If we are to take hold of the pearl of great price we will also need to make sacrifices, not least in our wallets and purses!

Just as we did in 2016, in 2017 we will say a sad goodbye to some friends but we will also gladly welcome many new people into the church community. The biggest challenge will be buying the building but we will continue to dig up other precious pearls as we worship, teach and pray for one another.

I expect that we will dedicate many more children and baptise many more people. We’ll be telling hundreds the good news, praying for the sick and the lost and seeing them healed, restored and turning to follow Jesus. We’ll be feeding the hungry and caring for broken families. We’ll be bidding farewell to the Newman family and continuing to support Ivan & Libby in Mexico and Ruth in Asia. Finally, look out for party times, kicking off with Hygge in January!

Our teaching theme for 2017

Our teaching theme for 2017 will be, “Who is Jesus”. It seems that our post-Christian world is often oblivious to this hero of history, this titan of the universe - and so we will learn more about who he was, who he is and who he will be. Be prepared because, just as the man in the parable sold all he had to buy the field for the treasure, the more you learn about Jesus the more precious this pearl becomes and the more you will be challenged in your response!

A lot of our teaching will be based on the gospel of Mark. I also commend Tim Keller’s book King’s Cross as a good introduction to the theme.

Alison and I consider it a joy and a privilege to belong to Leeds Vineyard. We are so very grateful to the many alongside whom we have served in 2016 and we look forward to doing so again in what promises to be an exciting and challenging 2017.  We wish you a Happy New Year and invite you to press on with us into 2017 as we search for the pearl of great price!



Here is a small selection of the words and prophecies shared in the Engine Room during the month of prayer and fasting:

Alison – “they are loved by you” (changing the words of the song toward the people around us rather than us - from Good good Father).

Annette – Let us be even more open. There is still a fear of opening our doors. Everyone is welcome.

Jeffrey – Be open to invite people. Come and see. Thinking about the invitation of Jesus to Zacheus.

Sally W – Ambulances remind us of the call to be rescuers (pastorally & as a GP). We are being challenged to find more ways to be open – dressing station, 1st Aid.

Theresa – Psalm 139 - if I go to White’s, Costa, Headingley stadium, the library, the Arndale Centre … you are there.
Restore O Lord the honour of your name. There have been many vibrant churches in Headingley over the centuries, his desire is to root a change that will last.

Anna – Hospitality. Not just entertaining but a posture of the heart (Romans 12 in the Message). Steady & constant calling, personal God, get along with each other and God. A life of invitation begins in the soil of the heart cultivated by the love of the Father.

Anne Button – a picture of poverty within one mile of HM. 2017 is the year of plenty, so we ask God to make us generous to feed the hungry. No to poverty, yes to generosity. No to loneliness, yes to family. Let us feed all the hungry within that radius.

Picture of businesses in Headingley, with embers glowing inside. God is doing stuff with those people, he is working in them. Do not be discouraged.

The doors are wide open. People going in and out, lots of people.

When Jesus fed the poor he did it miraculously and it drew people to him. We want to bring people to Jesus not just meet their needs or do good things.

The new £5 note. Don’t be afraid of the new £5 note. It is better, longer lasting just as valuable as the old one – even if it is new and smaller.

Keys - we have to use them. Revelation is about knowing Jesus and who we are, so what does using the key mean? Make us constant users of the keys of the kingdom.

And during a trustee meeting Steve shared this – “I see Persian carpet, which starts with the simple crossing of two threads. We’re starting to cross the threads. A blanket for Headingley – bringing comfort, protection, warmth, love for Headingley. It looks beautiful.”

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Christmas in the Vineyard

I love Christmas in the Vineyard. Last Sunday was a blast - lots of Christmas decorations, lights, carols and mince pies - and the presence of He whom we celebrate. In the morning there was an amazing nativity play with an overwhelming response as people brought their gifts during the Christmas Family Service and then a beautifully ambient Carol Service in the evening.

You really are a worshipping church!

Both services were followed by refreshments when people didn't seem to want to go home as they ate, drank and spent time together.

You are a friendly and fellowshipping church!

Thankyou for inviting your friends, family and neighbours. We were able to welcome many guests and share a wonderful occasion with them.

You are an invitational church!

Thank you too for the enormous response to our Reverse Advent appeal. You brought loads of wonderful and useful gifts on the Sunday and then a team spent Monday morning parcelling up scores of hampers and gift boxes so that people for whom Christmas is a struggle may have an extra reason to celebrate this year.

You are a very generous church!

Alison and I particularly wish to say a BIG THANKYOU to the many, many people who gave so much time and energy to make it all happen. Dozens of people served, many behind the scenes in the weeks leading up to Sunday and many on the day itself. You gave up your time and energy and you also shared your own gifts and talents. You know who you are and you can take credit for playing your part in making Sunday a very special day. We enjoyed it so much and the King whom we come to worship loved it too:)

You are such a serving church!

A couple of pictures attached - we'll post the music and words and more photos soon, check out the website and our FB page.

Weekly worship as normal next Sunday (when we will also launch next term's Small Group programme), and then we gather to worship on Christmas Day too. On New Year's Day we have another Expedition - meeting in Ilkley to welcome in the New Year with a brisk stroll across the Moor.

Check out my blog on "Christmas messes with my money mind".

Happy Christmas - and thanks once again.


David Flowers, 13/12/2016

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