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Resources relating to money

CoinsAs part of the teaching series on money in Feb-Mar 2009 we have compiled a set of resources that you may find helpful and useful.


The Money Revolution - John Preston - most of the content of the book is on the Money Revolution website
The Money Secret - Rob Parsons, again with a supporting website
What the Bible says about Money and Possessions - Keith Tondeur (out of print)
Credit Action booklets (most are downloadable as PDFs)
Money, Sex & Power, Richard Forster - a seminal book from 20 years ago, highly influential for David Flowers and Michele Goulding
Rich Christians in an Age of Hunger, Ronald Snyder - a challenging book on wealth and the poor


red2black is an excellent DIY debt site
The Evangelical alliance has a new "Life beyond debt" campaign lobbying at government level
Christians Against Poverty offers world class debt advice
The Consumer credit counselling service offers secular, basic debt advice
Stewardship has financial resources for Christians
Credit action has many resources for handling money and dealing with debt

Trent Vineyard did a good series of talks on money

David Flowers did a seminar on money and generosity at a HTB Focus event.
And another one at HTB: Living well: what does it mean and what does the Bible say about it?


Here's an interesting interview with John Barnes the ex-Liverpool and England footballer about how he has had to learn the hard way about dealing with consumptive living and debt.

And here is an article in which David explains about how giving works in the Vineyard.

Downloadable Documents

Here is a link to the "Money Revolution" worksheets which allow you to calculate your monthly income and outgoings, as well as to add up your total debts (what you owe) and your total assets (what you own). The worksheets are presented as Microsoft Excell spreadsheets, so all you need to do is to fill in the appropriate amount in each individual field, and the spreadsheet will calculate the total for you.

David Flowers, 24/02/2009