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Discovering Vineyard is a small group where you can find out about who we are and how you can join in. The group runs for a term and is led by Alex & Lizzy Harbour. You don't have to be a Christian to join - you are welcome to come as you are - simply seeking, wanting to know more or already a follower of Jesus. 


What do you learn?Discovering Vineyard - Quotes-
Through lots of stories and nuggets of information we'll explain:

  • Our vision and values

  • How we work as a church

  • How we make decisions and spend money

  • How we care for people and care for the poor

  • We'll discuss what it means to join a community of faith like ours and what it means to be a disciple of Jesus.

What's the format?
This group takes the form of a small group - most evenings we will share refreshments, worship and then learn about how the Vineyard does church and discipleship. We will learn to pray for one another and support each other in doing life.

Why attend?
Discovering Vineyard - Quotes-There is plenty of room in the Vineyard for you to find a place that matches your God-given shape and to serve alongside others who share your hopes and dreams. So we would love you to come on the course and find out what and who we are and how to join in.

Attendance at the Discovering Vineyard small group is a pre-requisite for some aspects of life in our community. For example: getting baptised, getting married (by one of our pastoral staff), having your children dedicated (or baptised) or joining the leadership track.

Sign Up
The next Discovering Vineyard small group starts on 25 April 2023 and will last for ten weeks until 27 June. You can sign up here.

NB: Groups will be able to see each other’s contact details (as allowed by personal data sharing settings in My ChurchSuite) once the sign up period has ended.

David Flowers, 13/04/2015