We value being part of community. We believe we’ve been designed to be in a community of people in order to grow and thrive. We see it in 1 Corinthians 12 where Paul describes the church as one ‘body’ with many parts.

As part of this community we have groups where you can meet and get to know other people whilst learning to follow Jesus. We have groups for children and young people and house groups for adults. 

We hope you can find a place to call home, both in smaller groups and on a Sunday.

We love having a heap of children at Leeds Vineyard and if you are 11 years old or younger, Vineyard Kids is for you! Our vision is to teach and equip children to follow Jesus.
If you are aged 11 - 18 there are activities happening for you each week, including social activities for you to invite your friends and places to help get into God.
Leeds is a great city and you can have a wonderful time here as a student. However, it can also be a big, impersonal and lonely place. Being part of a community of faith like the Vineyard will help you belong and find somewhere to be safe.
As a church we are committed to providing a safe and caring environment for children, young people and vulnerable adults who choose to come along.
We love Headingley. Here are some of the ways we are getting involved with events in the community.
One of the best ways to get connected at Leeds Vineyard is to join a Small Group.