Leeds Vineyard

Training and Equipping

Ephesians 4:12 instructs us to equip and train those who are doing the ministry. Another word we use is “discipleship”. This is a form of apprenticeship. Everyone gets to play which means we want to train you not just spiritually but also in life skills and life-craft. To help you find your gifting and your passion and equip you to grow as a follower of Jesus. This is one of our priorities as a church.

We have a vision to see Leeds Vineyard "inspired for life & equipped to serve". As a community of faith, we love to see people inspired to live life to the full.

Inspired for life
As we serve one another and our communities, our hope is that we each have a faith grounded in the gospel and directed towards Jesus. We long to see God pervade every area of our lives and this means intentionally teaching, training and equipping the church for living life following Jesus.

Equipped to serve
Alongside a firm grounding in their faith, we want to work hard at equipping people in loving and serving others. As we have encountered Jesus, we want to see others firmly pointed in the direction of Jesus, put back on the rails, revived, renewed, refreshed and inspired to live life to the fullest for God's glory. We long to see an ever increasing culture of self-sacrificial servant-hearted love in action through each one of us. We want to see a community filled with joy as they serve unreservedly, live with integrity, worship passionately and give generously.

Leeds is one of the VCUKI national Hub training centres. The aim of the Hub training programme is to develop pioneering leadership.
The Bible is a high priority for us and if you'd like to undertake some theological study we would highly recommend these courses.