It depends on where you put the Pause

Genesis gives us pause for thought about Work. What is it? Is God interested? What difference does it make to my work if I am someone who follows Jesus?

FTCW“FTCW” stands for “Full Time Christian Worker” in the Christian charity world. But the true meaning depends on where you put the Pause. Version One: Full Time (pause) Christian Worker: means that you are doing something as a Christian worker (maybe like a missionary) and that you are full-time. Doesn’t work for me cos I am a part-time pastor, so that’s confusing. Version Two: Full Time Christian (pause) Worker: means that when you follow Jesus it is 24/7, every nook and cranny, full time. If you are a worker too (as we all can be), that makes you a Full Time Christian Worker. So that works for me, whatever work I happen to be doing.

Lots of useful stuff on Work in this month’s Christianity magazine – and eventually online here. The text from my talk from last Sunday is on the website here. Podcast to follow. If you work in the City and want to join a prayer group let me know and I will link you up.

Alison and I (along with Ben & Kate and many others from the Vineyard in Leeds and elsewhere) are joining with leaders from around Europe at a conference in Harrogate with Bill Johnson. Bill is great. I love his passion and the way he finds jewels of wisdom in scripture. The band is smashing too – I love rock guitar-led worship! The first worship set was made up of four songs and lasted 50 minutes which equals 12.5 minutes per song! It is good to be exposed to a different culture of doing “church” and we are learning lots (but we do love the Vineyard).

So far God is reminding me about taking risks, not doing the safe predictable thing but going for things in life and ministry on which only he can deliver. No doubt we will have more to share about what we have learnt on Sunday at weekly worship.

Our next Alpha course starts this Tuesday 26 February at Costa Coffee in Headingley. Do take courage and take along a friend. If you can’t get there, please pray for Matt, Anne, Sally, Andy and Anna as they tell the Jesus story through words and hospitality.

On Friday the Area Leaders for Scotland (Jamie & Linda Watters), Midlands (Andrew & Rosie McNeil) and Alison & I are meeting at our home with Chris & Maggie Parsons (who are deputy leaders for the Church Development team). We will be sharing and discussing about strategy and vision for growing the kingdom through the Vineyard across huge tracts of the UK – from Birmingham to Aberdeen. Please pray for us!

If so Alison and I would love to invite you for dinner next Monday evening. Let's get to know each other a bit over a meal. Meet some other "new" people too. Please sign up here or at the Resources desk on Sunday. Or call the office.

I have been told that I have been flogging a dead horse with my humour recently but I was amused to hear the rhyme they are teaching the children in Belly Buttons:

Horsey, horsey, don’t you stop
Or you’ll end up in a Tesco’s shop
Your tail goes swish and the wheels go round (?)
Giddy up horsey you’re a quarter pound.


David Flowers, 25/02/2013
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