What shall I do with my hearing aid now?

Seeing God heal the sick when we pray for them is fantastic even if it can create a problem! “What am I going to do with this hearing aid now?” This has been the experience of the team that have been setting up a healing space in the Leeds market for the last year and a half. Some of the time they are waiting and praying but then there are also lots of opportunities for fascinating conversation and to see Jesus minister to hurting, lonely, distressed people.

We love to take Jesus’ love and power onto the streets and see Him touch people’s lives in profound ways. I want you to do this 24-7, in the sense that sharing Jesus’ love and praying for people is something you can do wherever and whenever and in many ways. But sometimes it’s fun to do it in a more organised way such as using the HOTS (Healing on the Streets) model.

A number of things are happening when we regularly pray in a place and tell people about Jesus, and pray for people who are sick or in distress:
  1. Often people are healed in remarkable ways. That’s fantastic, changes their lives and opens them up to receive God’s love. It’s even better when we get to share in their story in the following months and years.
  2. Sometimes people don’t receive healing; nevertheless they are always grateful that someone cared enough to pray for them. They feel loved and experience something of God’s grace.
  3. Those who are praying are pumped by seeing God in action. There is something about our poor attempts at prayer and ministry being used by Him to transform lives which gives such a - what’s the word - a buzz, a thrill, a spiritual high? Not just a passing enthusiasm, more of a deepening conviction that God’s Holy Spirit is present and working today and that the love of Jesus has power to rescue.
  4. The presence of God settles in that geographical area in a mysterious but profound way. We start by asking God to let His Kingdom come. We wait. And then we sense a change around us.
  5. The presence of the Kingdom of God in that area begins to affect others all around: local businesses, passers-by, residents. For example, in Leeds market over the last year a nearby trader who was originally hostile has become an advocate and is now the one providing the chocolates!
  6. As the presence of the Kingdom is established in the area, the enemy’s power dwindles. It is not as obvious with your physical eyes but at a spiritual level a battle is being won, inch by inch, minute by minute, prayer by prayer, person by person.


Healing - Sky for websiteFrom Saturday 8 March the team are going to do this in Headingley once a month. They will set up a healing space outside the front door of Headingley Methodist Church from 10:00am until 12:30pm. During that time people come and sit on a chair and receive prayer – you would be amazed at how some people jump at the chance. At the same time there will be a team doing some Treasure Hunting. This is a prophetic “game” where you ask the Lord to guide you to speak to random people and then watch how He opens up their lives with His love and grace.

Sounds exciting doesn’t it? If you would like to join in it is important that you come to a preparation meeting beforehand. There will be some basic training and story-telling (the fun bit). The next meeting will be on Wednesday 26 February at Oli & Jen’s home (99 Tinshill Lane, Cookridge, Leeds, LS16 6DF). Please call Jerry & Pauline Wild first to let them know you will be coming (0113 265 9113 or pauline.wild1@tesco.net).

As the team start this ministry on a regular basis it will add to the work of the Kingdom already going on around Headingley – by the other churches in the area over many decades and, increasingly, by Leeds Vineyard (weekly worship, the Bunker, Alpha, housegroup, the Prayer Walk, coffee & chat on Friday afternoon, and many other things you are doing known and unknown).

We are seeing His Kingdom come in Headingley; and we will see Headingley won for Christ.

Weekly worship

A Beautiful Rhythm of LifeThis Sunday we celebrate communion. The children and adults will worship and share communion during the first half and then the children go to their groups and Ben will be teaching. He is continuing the series, A Beautiful Rhythm of Life and his theme is Finding A Purpose, looking at Luke 10:25-28 when the teacher of the law asks Jesus, “What must I do to inherit eternal life?”.

alpha-logo-medAlpha re-starts this week.

Discovering Vineyard - Web 2Discovering Vineyard starts the week after.



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