Leeds Vineyard

Love God 

Love God is making our relationship with Jesus higher, wider, deeper. As we develop a Christ centre life, God begins to transform us in other ways through Connecting with others in church, Reaching Out into our communities and enabling us to thrive where we are, with who we are and with what we've got.

We make our relationship with Jesus higher through worship - through our lifestyles as well as specific times of worship. In setting aside regular times to worship him together and alone, we get to see the heights of God's love for us and the enormity of his Kingdom at work in our lives and in the lives of others.

We make our relationship with Jesus wider through prayer. We seek opportunities, together and alone, to stretch out our faith in talking and listening to God, praying to him about our lives, our friends and family, our work colleagues and the world in which we live. Jesus gets to open our eyes to the possibilities of his kingdom, stretching our faith and love of him wider than we could imagine.

We make our relationship with Jesus deeper through immersing ourselves in the bible. Allowing ourselves time regularly to read his word, study it, reflect on it, read it aloud, together, alone. God then gets the opportunity to feed us, to change our mind, to re-centre us on his way of thinking and his way of seeing life.