Leeds Vineyard

Week of Prayer and Fasting Sli

From time to time we allocate a week to pray and to fast as a community of faith. It helps us listen to God although we are not in the same room we can pray together - for each other and for the church.

Our theme this time is taking stock. This is not a reference to last year’s bank robber film. I’m not encouraging anyone to take something that belongs to someone else! Not at all. Taking stock means to make an estimate or an appraisal of the situation. It means I am asking you to stop and think about your spiritual health, the state of your soul – and the spiritual state of the church. To think prayerfully about what is good and what is not so good. 

As we fast and pray together let’s ponder upon what the Lord is doing in us. Where is your faith being challenged, are you growing in trust? Ask Him to speak to you about how we can take part in His designs. 

Each day there is a scripture and some questions and a prayer. On day one it starts more personally, taking stock of where we find ourselves at the beginning of the year. Then over the week it shifts towards thinking about the church family and our future together.

If you would like ideas about what fasting means and how to reflect on the scriptures please look at the Prayer and Fasting resources. There are lots of ideas there.

As ever, if the Lord speaks to you for the church – please do let me know!

I hope this helps you in your week of prayer and fasting.


Handout (print double-sided and fold in half)

David Flowers, 08/01/2016