Leeds Vineyard

A culture of invitation

"A culture of invitation" is our theme for 2016. The bible is one long invitation: an invitation to a kingdom party, to join a revolution, to enlist in a battle, an invitation to come home. Our church may be a welcoming community but "invitation" precedes "welcome" and this year we will seek to become an invitational community too. But inviting is not always easy so over the year we'll look at the challenges and joys of inviting. A good book to read on this subject is Michael Harvey's "Creating a culture of invitation at your church" available at a 10% discount from Vineyard Records - use "Flowers10".

Matt helps break the enigma of inviting by encouraging us to have confidence in the church we’re inviting to.
Michael Harvey (Unlocking the Growth) shares his moving story and pleads with the church to embrace invitation for the sake of the lost.
Fear is hiding but when we know it we also learn a beautiful thing about what God is doing with us and with others as we make and receive an invitation.
Ben Newman looks to Matthew 28:16 - 20, Acts 1:8 and 2:42 - 47, and Thessalonians 1:4. A culture of invitation is a lifestyle: everywhere you go, everything you do, bring Jesus fully with you.
The Bible is one long invitation to a lonely world to come home. David explains how we can play our part as God works in people's lives, simply by issuing an invitation.
David introduces the teaching theme for 2016, “a culture of invitation” by looking at one of the first “inviters” – Philip: in John 1: 43-49.