She's a saint 

To Leeds Vineyard

It’s been a while since my last newsmail. About 6 weeks. If you remember I invited you to pray for the forthcoming referendum!

Since then the UK has voted to leave the European Union, Theresa May has taken over as Prime Minister, the expected victor, Boris, has been despatched as far from the country as possible, half the Labour cabinet has disappeared, Andy has won Wimbledon, England were humiliated at Euro2016, Froome won the Tour de France, the USA has scoured its population and presented Trump and Clinton as the best options for President, we had a BIG party to say thank you to the Newman family, we’ve baptised 6 people and dedicated a small one, Alison and I have had a couple of weeks’ holiday, oh, and how I could I forget, she and I survived our 35th wedding anniversary! Yes, I know, she’s a saint.

Soul Survivor
The evergreen Ian and Liz Harden took fifteen of our young people (and others from Harrogate and Hull Vineyards) to Soul Survivor and have come back with such encouraging stories. Do ask them about what God has been doing amongst our young people and how they are such good examples of what it means to follow Jesus.

311 people gave their lives to Jesus and our young people were on the front row worshipping, on the front foot ministering and open-handed in receiving spiritual gifts as they were prayed for.

A highlight was Archbishop Welby coming to speak, taking questions and encouraging the young people never to judge but to love every human being as someone God loves and sees as special. They seemed to have a whole lot of fun and made many friendships across the Vineyard in particular.

Picnic In the park
If you’re around this weekend come and join us in the park for fun and games. All ages welcome. Bring a picnic tea! We’ll be somewhere in Roundhay Park, from 4pm.

The Vine Celebration
A fun day for everyone - invite your friends too! Celebrating 5 years of the Debt Advice Centre and the Child Contact Centre ( Expect food & drink stalls, games, crafts and more. St Chad’s Parish Centre, Headingley.

We are celebrating, in particular, Gwen Procter’s service as the Debt Advice Centre Manager which came to an end in July. She has done an outstanding piece of work over these five years: establishing the Centre, bringing many people out of debt and introducing them to Jesus as she did so. She has been amazing. Thank you Gwen!

The trustees are now working on a plan to continue to provide advice for people in money difficulties.

Prepare the way for September
I know that most of you are thinking “holiday” but I wanted to let you know about what is happening in September in case you need to plan. On 4 September I’ll launch a month of prayer & fasting titled “Prepare the Way”. Come along to hear what it is that we are preparing for!

We then have three fantastic guest speakers: Michael Harvey on 11 September (he wrote the books about Invitation – “Unlocking the Growth”), Steve Nicholson on 18 September (if you’ve been around the Vineyard for any length of time you will have been inspired by Steve & Cindy who pastor Evanston Vineyard in Chicago) and Wes Johnston on 25 September (Senior Pastor of Emmanuel Baptist Church, previously Leeds Reformed Baptist Church, in Horsforth).   

It’s going to be an exciting Autumn but let’s not start it just yet. I hope and pray that you have rest and sun and good times over the summer first.

And finally, goodbye
We're really sorry to have said goodbye to Ed, Kelly and Erin Rotherham who have decided to move back down South to be nearer work and family as they have recently welcomed Caitlin into their family! We have been deeply blessed by the Rotherham family over the last few years: not least with Ed's input into worship and Kelly's service as a trustee. Thank you Rotherhams and God bless, we'll miss you all.



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