Prepare the way 

I was reading Luke’s gospel the other day and I was struck by the poem Jesus quotes when He is talking about John the Baptist (Luke 7:27),
“I will send my messenger ahead of you,
 who will prepare your way before you.”

At the time I had been praying that the Lord would prepare the way for some things I thought He had called us to do, particularly in Headingley. It then dawned on me that I had things upside down, again. I am meant to prepare the way for Him, not the other way around. It’s up to us to discern what the Lord is doing, look where He is going, and then clear the rubble from the path so that He can come and do what He wants to do.

Tom Sine says, “The call to follow Jesus is not a call to give our lives to the Western dream with a little devotional add-on … It is not found in seeking life, but in giving our lives away.” “Prepare the Way” will mean giving away – stepping away from the distractions and pleasures of this world and instead seeking the kingdom of God.

Prayer & Fasting

As is our habit we will set aside time for prayer and fasting in September – this time with that theme, Prepare the Way. On Sunday September 4 we’ll will introduce all this and give out the prayer guides and further information. It will all be on the website as well. You may wish to make a note in your diary of the Engine Room on September 6 and 25 evenings. And there will be a particular focus to our fasting this time – “fast your phone”! We’ll gather together again on Sunday October 2 to see what the Lord has said!

Small Groups

September 4 will also see the launch of an amazing “flurry” of small groups. There are loads to choose from and of course you can join more than one!


This the Vineyard training course for a life in ministry - for pioneering leaders and church planters. We host one of the Hubs in Leeds and if you would like to join please sign up soon. The first meeting is on Monday September 12.

Guests and visitors

We’re in a season during which we are enjoying visits from even more guests than usual. If you are a regular at Leeds Vineyard please look out for people you don’t recognise at weekly worship and welcome them. If you are able please think about offering them a meal at your home or in a local café afterwards. Sometimes people are new to Leeds for various reasons so to meet up during the week can also be really helpful.


Ben & Kate (and Sam & Joseph) are in the throes of preparing to go to Vineyard next year. Many of you have generously contributed to this project. Thank you. If you haven’t yet but would like to do so please go to or contact Molly in the church office.


Exciting news! We are delighted to welcome Elizabeth Jacob to Headingley. She was born on 16 August. Everything went smoothly and the family are back home. According to Aimee, Elizabeth is very lovely! Congratulations to Jonathan, Aimee and Abigail!

Stories Jesus Told

The first three podcasts from this series are up on the website.



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