OSER - we need a new name!

OSER stands for Open Space Engine Room. We need a new name to describe an event that covers Open Space (worship) and Engine Room (prayer) because we are combining the two this coming Sunday evening. Anne Buchan and Helen Hicks are leading with me.

Remember, there is no weekly worship in the morning but it would be great if you could join in the Bring & Share lunch event. You do need to book it!
Instead, we are meeting in the evening from 7.30pm-9.00pm for what promises to be one of our most significant times of worship and prayer – for years.

What to expect:

  • Front doors open at 7.00pm, refreshments served inside. You can leave your shoes at the back if you wish.

  • At 7.30pm we will light a candle to symbolise the commencement of our time of worship and prayer.

  • After worship I will show a video of the building we are going to buy and tell you a little of the amazing story of how God has led us to this point and what is happening next!

  • Then we will spend the rest of the evening worshiping and praying in various forms: sometimes giving thanks, sometimes interceding and sometimes listening to God speaking to us.

  • Our theme for the evening is Isaiah 61, the year of the Lord’s favour and you may wish to read and reflect on this chapter before you come.

  • We will finish by listening to the Holy Spirit to speak to us about his plans for how we use this building. We’ll jot our thoughts down and pray over them. I expect these to be significant in our decision-making over the coming weeks.

  • At 9.00pm we will blow out the candle and commit our prayers and worship to the God.

  • It will be fun and active and not at all boring. You can join in as much or as little as you wish (but prayer meetings work best if we pray!).

If you would like to join the team running the evening you would be very welcome. There is room for help with PA, AV, refreshments, welcome, set up and set down. Please reply to this email and we’ll link you up with the team leader.

A couple of things to remind you about:
Firstly, if you would like to be baptised on 11 June, please let one of the pastoral staff or your small group leader know as soon as possible.
Secondly, we’re into the sign-up period for the new flurry of Small Groups. Find a group that works for you and get stuck in, there’s loads to choose from.