Cold hands warm hearts 

What is the ideal temperature in which to pray? If it is too warm it has been known that a tired person may doze off (yes really!). Whereas if it is cool the senses are kept alert and movement becomes both an expression of worship/prayer and helps keep us warm. So it will be ideal on Sunday evening:)

That is to say, please dress up warmly if you are joining us in a most important time of worship and prayer – the boiler has gone on a strike for a few days. But we won’t let that stop us will we? Our Engine Room will generate heat. Our hands may be cool but our hearts will be warm – and there will be hot drinks for you too. There is no weekly worship on Sunday morning but we are meeting at 7.30pm in the evening for Open Space Engine Room(!).

As we begin to get focussed on STEPS and the purchase of a building, as the Lord takes us into a formative stage in the life of our church, so allow me to jog your memory about some other events you may love to engage with:


Many of us are going to Ashburnham for a week’s holiday in August. If you’ve never been before check out the video on this page. If you’d like to join us you can book here. There are a few places left.


This is for people who are contemplating church planting or other forms of pioneering leadership. If that’s you, this is a pre-requisite within the UK Vineyard. You can find out more and join the Leeds Hub from September if you check out this website. It’s a 3-year curriculum based around a monthly training event. If you would like to discuss it please talk to Ian & Hannah Ripping or Anne Button.


We launch a one-year intern programme in September this year. If you have a break coming up in your career or studies and you want to invest in developing your calling, discipleship, ministry skills and gifts then maybe this is for you. Talk to Matt or Anne Button soon.


Our next scheduled baptism is on June 11. Please let one of the pastoral staff know (or your small group leader) if you would like to take this step of obedience as you follow Jesus. If you can’t make 11 June let us know anyway so we can help you plan a later date.


Our next Current Leaders’ meeting is at 11 Belvedere Avenue on 11 July.

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