So last Sunday we gathered to hear about the daunting but inspiring invitation we have been given. We realised that this is God’s plan for us, not simply our own wishful thinking. We were inspired to be part of the miracle and if you don’t give to Leeds Vineyard, here is your chance to be part of something special - we will be growing from a Sunday church to an every-day church.

We have also launched 40 days of prayer and fasting and you are warmly invited to participate in that too.

The talks, the stories, the vision, the background, everything you could wish for, is available on the website: And you can follow the developments with Vineyard House on the “Vineyard House Blog” (just type that into the website).

On this coming Sunday there are two amazing things going on: the world triathlon championships are coming to Leeds again and we are baptising three of our people. Although the information tsunami about road closures could lead you to think access to Headingley was impossible it isn’t that bad at all. A little planning ahead and there should be little difficulty in getting to church and then to the baptism in Ilkley afterwards. Here are some notes to help you. Let’s make the effort and support the guys being baptised.

Finally, we get the chance to participate in a momentous event on Thursday when the country goes to the polls. I urge you to cast your vote if you possibly can. It is important. And then, afterwards, let us honour the result and let us honour one another, however we voted and however everyone else voted.

Alison and I will be taking some holiday from next week so we won’t be around for a little while. However, while we are away we are sorry to be foregoing an absolutely fascinating series of talks at weekly worship – you’ll be meeting some very interesting people talking about their experience of knowing Jesus. Don’t miss it!



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