Welcome back 

Well you may or not have gone away but it feels like lots of us are coming back this weekend as a new term and a new year kicks into gear. If you’ve been away then I’m delighted to let you know that the Leeds Vineyard is thriving with God at work in many ways amongst us – whether we have been near or far.


Anthony & Jane (Mexico) and the Procter family (Zimbabwe) have been on mission and have stories to tell – just ask them! Closer to home many of you have great testimonies of what the Holy Spirit has been doing in your lives whether at Ashburnham or Soul Survivor or New Wine or at weekly worship on Sundays. Tell us your stories!


Last weekend we were shocked at the events in the Arndale Centre when a 22 year old man stabbed Dean Ward (known as “Deano” or “Wardie”) outside Sainsbury’s in an unprovoked attack during the middle of the night. Many of you will know Wardie – he is recovering in St James’ Hospital – please pray that he may discover the love of the father during this traumatic time. It was great that Liz and Ian were able to visit him in hospital soon after the attack and pray for him. Please pray for Headingley, may His Kingdom come, may it be a place of peace.


Whilst many new people are joining us (as you meet them please point them towards the Welcome Dinner and Discovering Vineyard) we are also saying a forlorn farewell to others: Andy & Anna have gone to Liverpool, Max & Molly have gone to Minnesota (that’s a place in the USA), Ruth will be returning to South East Asia, Raj & Isha have returned to India, Andrew & Joy are taking a “year out” to travel (and those are just the ones I know about). We wish them all God’s blessing on their moves and travels and pray that He continues to meet them in new ways and through new people wherever they may go.


The spectacular new Small Group brochure will be available this Sunday. Lots of groups to choose from and ways to get involved in the life of this community.


We’re excited to have another baptism service next Sunday 10 September when we'll be baptising Mark Wallace – please check the website for more details – we’d love you to join us in Ilkley. 


Whilst things have gone quiet during the summer we have had a full survey done on Vineyard House. One is always a little nervous when the surveyors get to work, what will they find that we have missed or glossed over? But I’m glad to be able to say that the report has come back remarkably positively with no major problems (other than what we knew already).

So we keep going! Yes! May I ask you to prayerfully consider whether you are able to make a pledge to STEPS so that we can buy Vineyard House and have funds to do the necessary renovations. If you’ve already pledged, are you able to give more? If you have not yet given, please consider joining in this million-pound-miracle! Your generosity will result in much thanksgiving as we partner with Him in seeing the Kingdom of God come in Headingley.


Finally, It is a glorious thing to be used in the restoration of families. It is a Godly practice rooted in scripture and it finds expression in our community through the Child Contact Centre. Elaine, the centre manager is looking for a deputy to help her handle the growing demand. If you have a compassionate heart and can give a Saturday morning every fortnight then you too could play a part in “turning the hearts of the fathers to their children and the children to their fathers” (Malachi 4:6) and repairing relationships between mothers and fathers.



David Flowers, 01/09/2017