Bob's story 

For the past few weeks, I have been praying by myself for myself. It's because i have been struggling with my health.

I am taking a medication named FINASTERIDE It is an evil tablet. It causes more problems than it cures. It has a list of side effects, a few which I am suffering from. Some are serious, but I am suffering from insomnia, gaining weight and the meanest, depression. I am not enjoying anything at all. So after praying a few times I decided to see my GP. Well we came to a decision to stop for three months.

Well this Saturday night Sunday morning I had the best sleep ever. I woke refreshed and full of energy. I even played some worship music on my cube, it was amazing. But why did I sleep so well on Sunday morning, the Lords day? Well, while brushing my teeth, I asked, “If you want me to share about the power of prayer, give me a spot during the service”. I did not need one, the preacher gave a wonderful sermon on the same subject. It was as though through you him I was being asked to do more.

During worship I heard a voice asking me to kneel before him. I could not do it, I did not want to draw attention to myself. But next to me was my friend, John. I watched John kneel and raise his hands in worship. I could not believe it, so I slowly obeyed and I knelt. A peace and calmness fell over me. I also felt the weight of chains fall from me.

I also felt myself rise from a sea of stamping feet. To stand out rather than hiding. I thought this is it, I have to do more. Not to hide. I wanted to pray for John and ask him why he had knelt, so I followed him to the front. But I found myself asking for prayer. Prayer to give me strength and confidence and the guts, that's the word I used. To share my faith.

Then two wonderful young men prayed for me. They also told me I was an inspiration to them, wow.

So I asked John why he had knelt. He replied he had heard a voice asking him to. This was happening at the same time I was being asked right next to me. How amazing.

Well it all finished off with the four of us praying and laughing together. What a finish to a few prayers. Wonderful.