Small Group Resources 

Small Group leaders

Have a look at The Year of Biblical Literacy. Most weeks the material connects with the readings from that week. There is way too much material for our typical housegroup - probably around 90 minutes. Most of our groups would prioritise a time of worship and prayer ministry with a much shorter period of study and discussion. So you will have to select what you want to do.

It starts with a reminder of the current readings and video resources.

There's a section called "mutual invitation" which we would call "a time to share"!  There is a cultural difference here - most of our groups would be comfortable with a time of sharing (based on our usual guidelines (see below)) and perhaps using the soft-toy or circle sharing models if needed. 

The most helpful piece is the introduction to discussion and then a choice of discussion questions (we would probably go for the smaller group option). 

And then please end each week with a strong encouragement to keep reading - especially after the novelty has worn off! As people share you will collect many testimonies of what God is doing in people's lives as they read (please encourage them to email their experience to


Small Group Sharing Guidelines

  1. Keep confidences - what is shared in the group stays in the group unless permission is given. 
  2. Speak in the first person - "I think", "I feel", "This happened to me", "What this passage in the bible means to me" (not, "What this passage in the bible means"). If people drift into, "we should do this", "God is saying this to the church" - during a sharing time - gently ask them, "What does that mean for you?" or "How do you feel about that?"
  3. Let people speak. Don't interrupt. Of course there is a risk that someone will go on and on ... but usually, when people know they aren't going to be interrupted even the most talkative will stop of their own accord. This guideline is particularly helpful to someone who finds it difficult to speak in public. If it gets out of hand the leader may have to intervene and take the hit for "breaking a rule"!
  4. Let what is said rest. Don't give advice. If the person sharing wants advice they can ask for it. In small group our role is to listen and to pray - not tell them how to sort their life or their beliefs out - leave that to the Holy Spirit.