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Looking after it

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We start a new theme for the next few weeks on the subject of “Looking After it”. In other words, looking after everything God has given us: our environment, our neighbours, our money, our time and so on.





An important part of this theme of course is money. Rather than teach much about money on Sundays we recommend the Master Your Money course being hosted by St George’s in Leeds on 4 Thursday evenings in May (3rd, 10th, 17th and 23rd May).






The course is a well established and popular one being taught  by David Flowers and Murray McEwan and seeks to combine good, basic financial planning advice with a thorough biblical perspective.  


Last year, Nigel Tapp went on the one hosted by Gateways (New Frontiers) in Leeds . He said, 


“I attended the Master Your Money course just less than a year ago.  It was a period of seeking in my Christian life as I had recently joined Vineyard but also stepped out in another journey of faith to set up my own business and go self employed.

Although I had been a Christian for many years and felt I had tried to seek Gods discipleship in the whole area of money - the course both gave me real clarification and a structured foundation to work on for the future.

The course led by David and Murray successfully entwined the two necessary strands of a biblical perspective on money and wealth with some practical tips on money minding that could be applied irrespective of a person’s wealth.

God clearly places us in different positions in life - we can't choose the family and wealth in which we are borne into - little or great. Similarly, decisions taken years ago about careers and school may affect our money earning capacity as adults.  We believe that God has plans for our lives and as his disciples we must allow his control of the money we have.

The Course set out Biblical Principals to follow and helped me to think more than I had about Gods plan for me in this area.”


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You can book onto the course by filling in a form available through the Vineyard office or by contacting St George’s on:

Tel:            0113 243 8498

Email:        janet.gibson@stgeorgesleeds.org.uk




















David Flowers, 27/04/2007