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Doing the Stuff talk recordings 

In March 2015 we held a Doing the Stuff conference with Robby Dawkins as our guest speaker. If you missed the conference, or would just like the opportunity to listen again, here are the recordings!

Our vision for Doing the Stuff
John Wimber asked the question, “When do we get to go out and do it?”
We want to do the things that Jesus did, to do the stuff, that’s what we signed up for, that’s what will change the world. At this conference you will receive practical and inspirational teaching, you will get to pray and be prayed for and you will be given the chance to go out and do the stuff. Over this weekend, God may well transform your life as a follower of Jesus and use you to transform someone else’s life too.The Doing the Stuff conference is a Vineyard North event hosted by Leeds Vineyard.

Robby Dawkins
Born to missionary parents in Japan, Robby had an early start in ministry. In his father’s church he began a children’s ministry at the age of 12, and became the youth minister at 16 years old. Robby says, “I knew from a young age that God had called me into ministry. My parents say that from the age of 2, I told people that I would grow up and be a missionary.” In many ways that has been the case in Robby’s life.

"God has called me for the purpose of building up and equipping the local church with power tools for harvesting,” Robby shares. These “power tools” are prophetic ministry, healing, ministry of the presence of God, and deliverance from demonic power. Robby loves to tell literally hundreds of stories of his personal experiences, which include God using him and others he has mentored through the years to see God’s Kingdom “break in” with signs and wonders.

His book, “Do What Jesus Did”, is available from Vineyard Records.

Leeds Vineyard, 26/03/2015