Leeds Vineyard

What is Church? 

The gospel offers the promise and prospect of transformation. Alison teaches from Romans 12:2 to explain how this works and uses frogs as an example!
Worship is more than our favourite band belting out our favourite songs. It's about a lifestyle. Phil and Helen, who oversee worship at Leeds Vineyard share some of their story and convictions about living holistic lives of worship.
One radical way to understand the church is as a family. But families are not always wonderful - here David exhorts us to reach after Paul's challenging description because the local church can be a shining example to the world of God's love in action.
Questions are good, questions are needed. It is important that the church is a place where it is okay to ask questions. But at some point we have to stand back, aware that He is God and we're not, and that He is the answer to every question.