Leeds Vineyard

Lifecraft - equipped for life

Equipping people to live out their lives as followers of Jesus
One of our main priorities at The Vine is to equip people (children, youth and adults) in life craft. We aim to provide a very practical perspective on life craft issues that is sourced in the person of Jesus and His Holy Spirit and in the Bible.

Generally you have to manage life craft issues all the way through life. They are mandatory issues:  work, handling money, sex, relationships (with colleagues, friends, family), making choices, growing up, raising children, living alone, dealing with bereavement, living in harmony with our environment, balancing our lives, managing our time, learning to manoeuvre in the virtual www, removing the barriers to being who you are….

The Monday morning test.  On Monday morning, 11.00am, how will The Vine have helped you handle a life craft issue arising at work, at home, travelling, with friends? Or in an argument or disagreement, when the car breaks down or you open your post?

This is not an academic exercise that merely seeks to change your mind. The aim is to equip and encourage you to develop excellent life craft skills – but using source material based on the person, life and work of Jesus.
David Wallace, 10/08/2006