Two things are different this Sunday a

News from David on 26 October 2016

Two important things are different this Sunday and will trouble your normal routine: Firstly, the clocks go back so you get an extra hour to sleep-in (which never works ‘cos your body clock or the kids wake you up anyway); Secondly, it’s Expedition Sunday!

Instead of a band we’ll have the birds, instead of the pews we’ll have the woods, instead of a sermon we’ll have conversation, instead of gathering in the church building we will gather at Golden Acre Park.

This is Expedition Sunday. We are going to rendezvous at 11.30am on Sunday on the meadow beside the East car park (off Arthington Road).

Depending upon the weather we will be able to stroll around the park at our own pace, or make our way to the café for warm refreshments, or just play games. There are short walks on surfaced paths or longer walks through the woods. It takes about 40 minutes to circumnavigate the park. Afterwards you may want to visit the café or go home for lunch with someone else.

If you need a lift or can offer lifts please let us know by the website. Lifts will be from Headingley (Headingley Taps car park) at about 11.00am to Golden Acre Park and back again if needed.

And do invite friends!
There is Another King
When the clocks go back our thoughts turn to Christmas. This year our theme is “There is another King”. People are worshipping many kings and queens but our good news is that there is Another King – who is not of this world, whose kingdom will never end and whom we are invited to worship. His name is Jesus.

Our special day is December 11 with a Family Christmas Service at 11.00am in the morning and our traditional Carol Service at 7.30pm in the evening. We will also be meeting on Christmas Day (which is a Sunday this year) for a short celebration service. The following week on New Year’s Day we’ll have our traditional walk on Ilkley Moor.

These are all wonderful events to which you can invite friends. Invitation cards are available at weekly worship or from the office.

Key Volunteer Post

There is currently an opportunity for a key volunteer post at the amazing Child Contact Centre for a Deputy Manager. This is a chance to see life change and scenes of reconciliation right before your eyes. More details are on the website. Applications close on Friday 18 November 2016.


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