Pastors praying, saints "Step"-ping, children singing 

Pastors Praying

I’ve just returned from a great lunchtime meeting with the vicars/ministers of several churches from across Leeds. We were talking about what God is calling each church to do over the next few years and you’d have loved: the hope of; expectation of; and commitment to seeing Leeds radically reached for Jesus in the coming times. Leeds in particular and Yorkshire in general has a very low proportion of people who are committed to their local church (which is a way of measuring commitment and faith levels) and so we all agreed that there is much to do and we prayed for each other and our churches.

I shared about how God had revealed the pearl of great price in “Vineyard House” and how we are in the process of “selling all we have” so as to be able to buy it (Matthew 13:45-46). They were very excited about this and what it will mean for Headingley and for Leeds. We have a whole bunch of church leaders rooting for us and praying for us. Isn’t that just great?!

Saints "Step"-ping

We’re nearing the point at which we take stock of what has been pledged and given to Vineyard House and at which we decide how we are going to proceed. Whilst we have a few days left, we don’t yet have the full amount for which we are praying and hoping. If you have not yet sent in your gift or pledge please could I urge you to do it as a matter of urgency so that we can make a really good decision.

We’ve had good conversation with Stewardship who are an amazing lender into projects like ours and we have significant interest from Social Impact investors who would love to see some of our projects come to fruition. However, the foundation for STEPS 2017 is the family of Leeds Vineyard and I would love our giving and our sacrifice to be the core finance for this million-pound miracle!

Here’s the link to find out more – or just go to and click on “STEPS2017”.

Vineyard House Rocks
We’ve recently heard something about the Sunday Rock, the Prayer Rock and the Young Rock. There is also good stuff emerging within the Hungry Rock and the Community Rock – which we’ll share more about when can. In the meantime, the next Rock that is taking shape is the Equipping Rock – so look out for some stories about that on Sunday. Follow the latest news on the website at: Phil's Blog

Children Singing

Something that I can see becoming part of the Community Rock is the Headingley Children’s Choir being started by Zoe Lewis. The first “sing” is this Sunday after church. It’s for school years 4-6, and is for the children of the Vineyard and their friends and our local community. If you have children in the right age group anywhere near you, please sign them up (with their permission!) asap. Parents may need a bit of help: with other children; providing snacks; transport etc. More information from Zoe and Liz (you can contact them through Church Suite ("search for others").

I’d love to see them sing at our Christmas Service on 17 December. Can you imagine a big group of children, some our own, some their friends and some from the homes around the church, singing together in front of a packed church? Wouldn’t that be a treat and a testimony?