Leeds Vineyard

Following Jesus

We've identified three themes and eight traits of people who are following hard after Jesus.  Click the diagram for more:

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A person following hard after Jesus:

  • nurtures a personal intimacy with the Lord throughout the day and sets time aside regularly for relationship with Him through worship and prayer
  • engages with and applies the Bible for all its worth
  • looks after their money, their body, their time, their integrity and the world around
  • hears from God and prays for people in a naturally supernatural way
  • is in increasingly good relationships with everyone they interact with
  • participates and engages in church and accountable small group relationships
  • knows who they are and what they're for and focuses on that
  • reaches out to people beyond their circle of comfort
The eight traits are summarised in three themes: Love God, Love people, Love in action.

Reuse the powerpoint. 4-page Word doc handout explaining "What does following Jesus look like".
Kate Newman and David Wallace, 07/05/2011